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Business Undergraduate

For many prospective students wanting to enter into the job market, the thought of going back to school to gain new skills is ultimately very appealing.  However, it is important to think of the benefits of going to credibility University, such as UTPB College of Business where professors are commitment to understanding today's business landscape. Upon completion, students are fulfilled with  business skills, which provides confidence to speak on equal terms with others in your field of study. At the University of Texas in the Permian Basin, you can choose to study the business elements in a wide range of fields, from finance to marketing, management, economics, and you can combine your business studies with other areas of interest to enable a double major.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and technology may not be the easiest areas of study, but they're subjects that continue to be in demand, and because they are challenging, those studying them stand out from the crowd. You're also more likely to find employment quickly and work your way up the career ladder with an engineering or technology degree under your belt.

For example, nuclear power is the future area of growth requiring both engineering and technology graduates. The United States generates about 18% of its electricity from nuclear power plants. Nuclear engineers in this field, generally work directly or indirectly, in the nuclear power industry or for national laboratories. Current research in the industry is directed at producing economical, proliferation-resistant reactor designs with passive safety features. Although government labs research the same areas as industry, they also study a myriad of other issues such as nuclear fuels and nuclear fuel cycles,

Industrial engineering is an engineering discipline devoted to the design, installation, improvement and control of integrated systems of people, materials and facilities in a wide range of organizations that produce goods or render services.


Energy and Minors

​Business Energy Certification

This particular certification represents the environmental, social, and other qualities of renewable energy. This flexibility enables students to study renewable energy aspects relevant to various specialized classes available in understanding accounting, finance, management, Landman principles, energy law, and many others to select in completing the requirements. 


Minors offered at UTPB can be utilized as additional training for a career path, and improve your resume by taking courses and receiving training in a field employers are interested. You may want to complement one part of your academic training with another that will be provide both practical and theoretical knowledge. Additionally, you may be interested in specializing where your desired minor can come in handy for expanding your knowledge.