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ITEC 2200—Computer Aided Design (1-3) 
Provides an understanding of Computer-Aided Drafting principles and practice. Students will utilize the software command structure of a popular CAD program. Crosslisted with BE 1205.

ITEC 2301—AC/DC Circuits (2-3) 
Principles of electrical circuits, generator, and motors. Introduction to electronics and introduction to microprocessors for data acquisition. Prerequisite: MATH 1324 or equivalent or consent of instructor. Crosslisted with BE 2377.
ITEC 2302—Material Science (3-0)
Study of materials (Metals, Ceramics, and Polymers) of industrial significance. Relationship between microscopic structure and properties. Crosslisted with BE 2303.
 ITEC 2337—Economic Analysis (2-3)
The study of the systematic evaluation of the costs and benefits associated with proposed technical projects. Prerequisite: MATH 1324. Crosslisted with BE 2326.
ITEC 3303—Production Planning and Control (3-0) 
Study of production planning and control, inventory control, and project management. Prerequisite MNGT 2301. Crosslisted with MNGT 3340.
ITEC 3305—Safety, Health, and the Environment (3-0) 
This course is a study of the problems involved in developing an integrative safety, health and environmental program for an industrial or commercial establishment. It involves safety, health, and environmental education, safe worker practices, recognition and elimination of health hazards, machinery guards, in plant traffic, material handling and emergency treatment for industrial accidents.
ITEC 3310—Manufacturing Technology (2-2)
Survey of manufacturing processes for metals and polymers. Casting, deformation, sheet metal, machining, and polymer processing. Corequisite ITEC 2302 or consent of instructor.
ITEC 3380—Managing Technology (3-0)
Study of leadership, management, and technology in industry and society. Implications of technology and technological change on business. Crosslisted with MNGT 3380.
ITEC 4275—Senior Seminar (2-0)
Opportunities for development and implementation of knowledge from multiple courses. Corequisite: Completion of the industrial technology upper division required courses or equivalent or consent of instructor.
ITEC 4304—Programmable Logic Controllers (2-2)
The study of programmable logic control systems and implementation within an industrial setting. Prerequisite: ITEC 2301 or equivalent or consent of instructor.
ITEC 4305—Industrial Ergonomics (3-0)
The study of the design of systems in which human beings work. Study of the methods for the design and selection of safe and efficient work systems. Prerequisite: ITEC 3305.
ITEC 4380—Total Quality Management (3-0)
This course covers the principles of quality management to include basic probability and statistics concepts, control charts for attributes and variables, sampling plans, quality audits and cost. Crosslisted with MNGT 4380.
ITEC 4391—Contract Study in Industrial Technology (3)
This is an individual independent study course or research project. Prerequisites vary.
ITEC 4392—Internship (3)
Field learning experience in industry consisting of a minimum of 225 hours (15 hours per week for 15 weeks of the semester) for 3 credit hours. For Industrial Technology majors only. Prerequisites: Senior standing or permission of instructor.
PTEC 3301—Petroleum Fundamentals (3-0)
An introduction to petroleum industry technology, equipment usage, and operating procedures.
PTEC 3302—Petroleum Fluids and Natural Gas Technology (2-2) 
Study of the basics of physical and chemical makeup of hydrocarbon mixtures, how the mixtures are affected by temperature and pressure, and the techniques for accurate measurement of petroleum products (based on API Petroleum Measurement Standards). Math 1324 or equivalent or consent of instructor.
PTEC 3304—Drilling Technology (2-2)
An introduction to the drilling process, including drilling rigs, bits, drilling mud, air and gas drilling, casing and tubing, cementing and well control. Prerequisites: Math 1324 or equivalent or consent of instructor.
PTEC 4301—Petroleum Production Technology (3-0)
An introduction to the production of petroleum, including completion, artificial lift, workovers and stimulation. Prerequisites: PTEC 3304 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.
PTEC 4302—Pipeline Technology (3-0)
An introduction to pipeline technology, corrosion, and hydraulics. Prerequisites: PTEC 3301 or consent of instructor.
PTEC 4304—Wireline, Mud Logging, and Core Analysis (2-2)
An introduction to open and cased hole well logging, mud logging and coring. Prerequisites: PTEC 3301 or consent of instructor.
PTEC 4305—Petroleum Reservoirs (3-0)
An introduction to petroleum reservoirs and the basics of reservoir engineering. Prerequisite: PTEC 3301 or consent of instructor. Corequisite MATH 1325 or 2413.
PTEC 4389—Selected Topics (3-0)
Undergraduate courses which will be offered only once or will be offered infrequently or which are being developed before a regular listing in the catalog.