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The General Education Requirements consist of 44 semester credit hours in the following ten categories:

Composition/Written Communication                                                   6 credits
History (United States)                                                                              6 credits
Literature                                                                                                     3 credits
Mathematics (College Algebra or above)                                              3 credits
Mathematics (logic, statistics, math above college algebra)            3 credits
Physical and Biological Sciences (any two courses with labs)        8 credits
Political Science (U.S., State and Local Government)                        6 credits
Visual and Performing Arts                                                                      3 credits
Oral Communication (Speech)                                                               3 credits
Social Science                                                                                            3 credits

TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED                                                                    44 credits

Some majors specify which courses their students should take to meet the General Education Requirements.  Students should refer to major requirements listed in this catalog before selecting General Education courses.