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Internship Information


A supervised field experience as a management, marketing, accounting or finance professional that enables the student to explore career options. Internship must involved work that is substantially degree specific in nature with job responsibilities similar to those that a full-time employee would face. May be taken only once for credit.


Vary between majors.


To allow students to earn college credit for employment in a learning environment.


Student performance will be measured through a final report from the student detailing the experience and the employer's evaluation. Other types of evaluation may be employed at the discretion of the faculty internship advisor (FIA).

Course Content:

Varies depending on the student. Must be degree related.
Optional content may be agreed to between the employment supervisor and the FIA. 

Internship Packet

General Procedures for Internship:

Application for internship should be completed by the student during the semester prior to the anticipated enrollment and assignment. Students may apply for the internship during the semester in which they will complete the prerequisites. They should also locate the Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA) who is the faculty member of record that actually supervises and internship [& not necessarily your academic advisor]. The FIA will have several meetings with the student and one or two meetings with the employer supervisor.



  1. Submit completed application, resume and transcript copy to the FIA (and subsequently the discipline coordinator) for approval.
  2. The FIA will work with the student and employer to ensure a training plan is developed.
  3. Employer completes the Internship Agreement.
  4. The student completes the Student Internship Information Form.
  5. FIA sends a confirmation letter to the employer with a copy of the signed Internship Agreement.
  6. Internship Checklist must be completed before the student registers for the course.
  7. College of Business and Engineering Advisor manually enrolls student in the course.


Activity Log:

It will be the student's responsibility to complete a daily Activity Log summarizing work activities. The student must request the employer supervisor to sign the log at agreed upon intervals.


Prior to the end of the work period, the Employer Evaluation Form will be sent or delivered by the FIA to the employer supervisor. A due date by which time the evaluation should be returned to the FIA will be indicated. It is suggested, but not required, that the employer supervisor discuss the evaluation with the student. The FIA may discuss the evaluation with the student and will assign the final grade for the Internship assignment.

Final Report:

Upon completion of the internship period, a final report [this means a term paper] must be submitted to the FIA. The date for submission will be directed by the FIA [usually due the last week of the semester].

Internship Positions

There are no postings at this time.