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Roden Entrepreneurial Center



Currently in the Roden Center, students are coordinated to participate in “Real-Business” projects, utilizing their academic experiences to interact with client requests (described as current/past students and local businesses), who are seeking to secure their own market share. Our Management, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, and Engineering students play a critical role in collaborating throughout the business development. The described students share a common bond relevant to commercializing innovative ideas, while cultivating their academic experience in developing their expertise.


ENACTUS is more than just another student organization added to the campus. Participating universities join a network of institutions and academic leaders from around the world, including executives and companies that support ENACTUS. This partnership comes with a commitment from World Headquarters and local country operations to support and develop our team. You’ll have access to professor assistance, training, resources, events, unique programmatic initiatives, grant opportunities, and competitive events. As the faculty adviser of Enactus, Mr. Crain provides an important learning experience for students that will last throughout their careers. It’s a professionally rewarding experience that will make a difference in the lives of my students and reflect positively on our university.