The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

UTPB Committees 2013-2014

Listed below are the University Committees as appointed by the President. Following this list are the names of each committee member and the charge of the committee.

1. Access and Equity Committee

  • Shuming Bai
  • Yolanda Salgado
  • Xinyun Zhu
  • Caron Perkins
  • James Olson
  • Mario Kiran
  • Joanna Hadjicostandi, Chair
  • Teresa Sotelo                                                             
  • Iris Fierro
  • David Gonzales (Undergraduate student) 2013-2014
  • Michael Mendoza (Graduate student)2013-2014

The Access and Equity Committee is responsible for identifying and responding to campus and community factors that positively or negatively affect recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, faculty, administrators, and professional staff. The committee will encourage the acknowledgement and recognition of the benefits of diversity and ensure awareness of important issues concerning the participation of women and minorities at the University. The committee will evaluate existing programs related to equal education and employment opportunities and recommend changes, where appropriate, to these programs.

2. Admissions Committee

  • Gae Kovalick
  • Robert Perry
  • Ana Martinez-Catsam
  • Bill Harlow
  • Terrance Anders
  • Marianne Woods
  • Leo Martinez
  • Joe Sanders
  • Scott Smiley - ex officio (Call the 1st meeting to elect Chair)
  • Nichole Roeber, Student Senate Representative 2012-2013                                   

This committee is to regularly review admissions procedures and students. Advise the Director of Admissions and Vice President for Student Services on admissions exceptions

3. Alcohol and Drug Prevention Committee

  • Penney Nichols - Chair
  • Lt. Robert Hammerman
  • Chief Tom Hain
  • Caron Perkins
  • Chermae Peel
  • Steve Aicinena
  • Thomas Stanger
  • Suzanne Rathbun
  • Terrence Anders
  • Brian Street
  • Peyton Slater ( Undergraduate Student ) 2012-2013
  • Samantha Flores (Undergraduate Student ) 2012-2013

The charge of this committee is to investigate and prevent alcohol and drug abuse.

4. Assessment Review Committee

  • Roy Hurst, Chair
  • Brian Street
  • Chad Vanderford
  • Diane Post
  • Bill Price
  • Chris Hiatt
  • Jeannine Hurst
  • Caron Perkins
  • Davorian Marion, Student Senate Representative
  • William Fannin - ex officio
  • Denise Watts – ex officio

This committee oversees and makes recommendations on campus assessment activities as contained in the plan submitted to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

5. AVID Advisory Committee

  • Lanita Akins
  • Kay Kolb
  • Chris Hiatt
  • Mario Kiran
  • Chris Stanley
  • Ann Marie Smith
  • Jonathan Brown
  • Leo Martinez
  • Penney Nichols
  • Bill Harlow, Chair
  • Haesun Lee
  • Diane Salzer, Student Senate Representative

This committee recommends program elements and policies for the AVID Program

6. Awards & Recognition Committee

  • Juli Ratheal, Chair
  • Lorraine Spickermann
  • Sophia Andres
  • Jim Olson
  • Diana Younger
  • Bill Harlow
  • Audra Tijerina
  • Krystal Villanueva, Student Senate Representative 2012-2013
  • Jessica Ibanez, Student Senate Representative 2012-2013
  • Scott Smiley, ex officio

This committee is directly responsible for the annual honors convocation, especially arranging for the selection of faculty who are honored at this event.

7. Bookstore Committee

  • Dale Cassidy - Chair
  • Steve Aicinena
  • Derek Catsam
  • Luis Trueba 
  • Jennifer Tevarez
  • Heather Cress
  • Debbie Sinclair - Bookstore Manager
  • Amanda Welsh, Student Senate Representative 2013-2014

The committee will monitor and review bookstore operations, including reviewing complaints, operation, procedures as they affect faculty, staff, and students and make recommendations to executive staff regarding proposed changes in bookstore operations and other bookstore issues.

 8. Budget and Planning Committee

  • William Fannin – Chair Provost and Vice President
  • Derek Catsam, Faculty Senate President
  • Caron Perkins, Director of Human Resources
  • Teresa Sewell, Senior Associate Vice President
  • Dale Cassidy, Vice President for Business Affairs
  • Cuca Franco, Acting Director of Financial Services
  • Jay Haney, Interim Director of Physical Plant
  • Frank Hernandez, Dean School of Education
  • Roland Spickermann, Department Chair
  • Oscar Vazquez, Student Senate President 2012-2013
  • Ken Bridges, Interim Director of IRD
  • Romero Bravo, Faculty A
  • Joe Stauffer, Faculty B
  • Craig Emmert, Faculty C
  • Denise Watts, Institutional Effectiveness Director
  • Daniella Haynes, Chair Staff Advisory Council

This committee makes budgetary and strategic planning recommendations, both on process and substance.

9. Campus Building Use & Construction Committee 

  • Mylan Redfern – Chair
  • Gae Kovalick
  • Autumn Calkins
  • Terrance Anders
  • Shawn Watson
  • Ramiro Bravo
  • Danny Martinez, Student Senate Representative
  • Amanda Thompson, Student Senate Representative
  • Dale Cassidy - ex officio

This committee is mandated by the U. T. System and makes recommendations on campus building use and construction.

10. Commencement & Honors Convocation Committee 

  • Jeannine Hurst, Chair
  • Teresa Sotelo
  • Juli Ratheal
  • Chad Vanderford
  • Marianne Woods
  • Maribea Merritt
  • Forrest Flocker
  • Cory Alexander
  • Carla Nelson
  • Victoria Ibanez (Undergraduate Student) 2013-2014
  • Oscar Vazquez (Undergraduate Student) 2013-2014
  • Travis Woodward – ex officio Carla Nelson – ex officio
  • Jay Haney - ex officio
  • Joe Sanders – ex officio
  • Police Chief Tom Hain

This committee is directly responsible for all arrangements associated with our graduation ceremonies.

11. Compliance Committee 

  • Dale Cassidy - Compliance Officer and Vice President for Business Affairs
  • W. David Watts – President
  • William Fannin – Provost and Vice President
  • Teresa Sewell, Senior Assoc. Vice President
  • Derek Catsam – Faculty Senate President
  • Juli Ratheal– Asst. VP for Graduate Studies & Research
  • Cristy Jones – Senior Financial Manager
  • Caron Perkins - Director of Human Resources
  • Narita Holmes – Assistant Director of Compliance
  • Ken Bridges – Interim Director of Information Resources Division 
  • Steve Larizza – Information Security Specialist
  • Ned Simmons – NCAA Compliance Officer
  • Glenn Spencer, ex officio

This committee is to develop a risk-based plan to manage institutional compliance. The committee will monitor the implementation of UTPB’s risk management plan for all high-risk compliance issues, monitor UTPB’s compliance with the U.T. System Action Plan to ensure institutional compliance, communicate instances of non-compliance to the Institutional Compliance Officer, follow-up on compliance findings to ensure that appropriate corrective action has been taken, and continuously assess the effectiveness of institutional compliance.

12. Distance Education Committee

  • Diana Younger, Chair
  • Tony Hoskin
  • James Eldridge
  • Ramero Bravo
  • Narita Holmes
  • Joanna Hadjicostandi
  • Rebecca Babcock
  • Jessica Staib
  • Rey Lascano
  • Autumn Calkins
  • Tiana Townsend, Student Senate Representative 2013-2014
  • Oneita Burgess – ex officio

The distance education committee promotes quality distance education in all forms of instruction. It is the faculty advisory group for the REACH Program Center.

13. Electronic and Information Resources Compliance (EIR) Committee 

  • Thomas Davis, Chair
  • Steve Larizza 
  • Joe Sanders
  • Oneita Burgess
  • Narita Holmes
  • Nathan Smith
  • _______________, nominated by Faculty Senate

The EIR committee works to bring and maintain UTPB Electronic and Information Resources into compliance with the DIR Accessibility Rules specified in Title 1, Chapter 206 and 213 of TAC.

14. Enrollment Management

  • Teresa Sewell, Chair
  • William Fannin
  • Hank Abrams
  • Scott Smiley
  • Lori Wingate
  • Elizabeth Murakami
  • Rey Lascano
  • Paul Haensly
  • Craig Emmert
  • Bill Harlow
  • Chermae Peel
  • Jennifer Taveras
  • Joe Sanders
  • ___________________ Undergraduate Student) 2013-2014

The committee will advise on enrollment management.

15. Environmental Health and Safety Committee

  • Lail Grant – Chair
  • Police Chief Tom Hain
  • Emily Stoudt
  • Jeanne Fitch
  • Dottie Duncan
  • Essam Ibrahim
  • Rutesh Bhakta (Undergraduate student)

This committee is responsible for advising and assisting the Safety Officer in assuring a safe environment for all students and University employees, and in recommending appropriate policies and procedures for a safe work practices to be implemented campus-wide. The Safety Committee also advises and assists the Safety Officer in providing environmental awareness training and in assuring University compliance with externally mandated environmental and safety regulations.

16. Faculty Grievance Panel – Elected

  • Don Allen – elected Dec 2010
  • Chris Stanley – elected Dec 2010
  • Kay Ketzenberger – elected Dec 2010
  • James Eldridge – elected Dec 2011
  • Prakash Pai – elected Dec 2011
  • Sophia Andres – elected Dec 2011
  • Todd Richardson – elected Dec 2011
  • _______________- elected Dec 2012
  • _______________- elected Dec 2012

The panel on this committee consists of nine members elected by the Faculty Assembly at the Fall meeting for a two-year term.

 17. Faculty/Instructional Development Committee

  • Kyle Beran, Chair
  • Joe Stauffer
  • Prakash Pai
  • Derek Catsam
  • Diana Hinton
  • Bill Harlow
  • Jan Carter
  • Joanna Hadjicostandi

The committee represents the faculty in important policy and procedural matters related to faculty development and the improvement of instruction on campus. It also makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on faculty development awards according to approved guidelines. The committee acts in an advising capacity for matters pertaining to the Instructional Development Center.

18. Handbook of Operating Procedures (H.O.P.) Committee:

  • Dale Cassidy, VPBA, Chair
  • Teresa Sewell, Senior Associate Vice President
  • Derek Catsam, Faculty Senate President, ex-officio
  • Scott Smiley, Staff Advisory Council Chair, ex-officio
  • Oscar Vazquez, Student Senate President, ex-officio
  • Juli Ratheal, Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies & Research
  • W. David Watts, President
  • Bill Fannin, Provost and VP, ex-officio

Make recommendations regarding changes in the Handbook of Operating Procedures.

19. I. R. D. Committee (Computer)

  • Joe Sanders, and Chair
  • Miki Haneda
  • Paul Hodges, Faculty Representative
  • Dianne Salzer, (Undergraduate student) 2013-2014
  • ___________, Financial Services/Business Affairs TBA
  • Oneita Burgess, REACH Representative
  • Jim Tuttle, Library Representative
  • Ken Bridges - ex officio

This committee acts in an advisory capacity for matters pertaining to the Information Resources Division.

20. Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee 

  • Ana Martinez-Catsam, Chair
  • Diane Post
  • Doug Henderson
  • James Olson
  • Diana Younger
  • Chris Hiatt
  • Jill Miller
  • Henry S. Lide, D.M.V.
  • Meredith Smiley, Student Senate Representative 2013-2014
  • ____________________ - ex officio
  • ____________________- ex officio

This committee will assess the animal programs, facilities and procedures, as called for by the USDA's 1992 Standards. No research or other activities involving the use of animals may commence without the written approval of the committee

21. Institutional Biosafety Committee

  • Don Allen, Chair
  • Doug Henderson
  • Gae Kovalick
  • David Baldwin, Assistant Dean of Research TTHSC-Odessa
  • Richard Case, Midland Certified Reagent
  • Sally Connor, Ector County Health Department
  • Jeanne Fitch - ex-officio
  • Rutesh Bhakta, Undergraduate Student 2013-2014

Reviews research proposals for compliance with NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules and other regulations.

22. Institutional Review Board (IRB)

  • Jeff Dennis, Chair
  • Janet Carter
  • Rachel Harlow
  • Jamie Hughes
  • Dorothy Jackson
  • Jim Olson
  • Joe Stauffer
  • Lewis Busbee, M.A. (Community Member)
  • Brandon Walker-Price, M.A.  (Graduate Student)  
  • Juli Ratheal, ex-officio

This committee is essential in making recommendations concerning the use of human subjects in campus research, and in insuring that approved policies are followed in the use of human subjects in research. The committee is appointed for 3 year terms.

23. Intellectual Property Committee

  • Mark Wildermuth – Chair
  • Don Allen
  • Ilhyun Lee
  • Doug Henderson
  • Ahmed Kamel
  • Michael Robinson
  • Carol Ann Traut
  • Xochitl Espino, Student Senate Representative 2013-2014
  • William Fannin - ex officio

This committee is mandated by The U. T. System and considers any questions relating to patents arising from faculty and student research on campus. It recommends the pursuit of patent searches and patents when appropriate.

24. Internal Audit Committee

  • W. David Watts, Chair
  • William Fannin
  • Teresa Sewell
  • Juli Ratheal
  • Dale Cassidy
  • Cuca Franco, Acting Director of Financial Services
  • Caron Perkins
  • Eric Polonski, UT System
  • Glenn Spencer, Internal Auditor
  • Rick Carlton, S. W. Bank,

The committee is to ensure that: the activities of U. T. Permian Basin comply with the appropriate Business Procedures Memoranda, the Institute of Internal Auditors' Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, and the Texas Internal Auditing Act; audit coverage for U. T. Permian Basin adequately encompasses all aspects of The University's operations and the coverage is not inhibited or limited by any individual or department; audit activities are responsive to The University's needs and objectives; and management is aware of internal audit activities, results of audits, and progress toward implementation of audit recommendations.

25. International Oversight Committee

  • Robert Perry, Chair
  • William Fannin
  • Dale Cassidy
  • Derek Catsam
  • Rebecca Babcock
  • Carl Greenfield
  • Shuming Bai
  • Tony Love
  • Bill Harlow, Ex Offio
  • Giovanni Ramirez, Student Senate Representative 2013-2014

The International Oversight Committee will develop policy recommendations regarding the safety of students, faculty, and staff traveling outside North America or in Mexico. It will review and make recommendations regarding individual exemptions from any prohibition on travel to particular countries.

26. L. R. C. Committee (Library)

  • Paul Haensly, Chair
  • Jason Lagapa
  • Scott Carson
  • Diana Hinton
  • Raj Desai
  • Paul Feit
  • Emilio Mutis
  • Xinyun Zhu
  • Perla Abrego
  • Clark Moreland
  • Elizabeth Murakami
  • Yasmin Wingo (Graduate student)
  • Xochiti Espino (Undergraduate student)
  • Ken Bridges - ex officio
  • Michele Kuchel, Interim Library Director – ex officio

This committee serves in an advisory capacity for matters pertaining to the Learning Resources Center.

27. Lab Policy and Safety Committee 

  • James Eldridge, Chair
  • Chris Stanley
  • Don Allen
  • Raj Desai
  • Kyle Beran
  • Lail Grant – ex-officio
  • Mike Robinson
  • Jeanne Fitch  – ex-officio
  • Brandon Walker , Student Senate Representative 2013-2014
  • Lynzi Pinter, Student SenateRepresentative 2013-2014

Reviews and recommends policies to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff with all university labs. Conducts lab safety reviews.

28. Non Tenured Faculty Committee

  • Derek Catsam, Chairman
  • Jeff Dennis
  • Kay Kolb
  • Shih Chou
  • Maureen Page

Make recommendations on issues unique to non-tenured faculty.

29. Parking & Traffic Committee

  • Richard Kiekbusch - Chair
  • Kay Kolb
  • Ana Martinez-Catsam
  • Penney Nichols
  • Brian Hagler
  • Carol Staggs
  • Susan Kimbriel
  • Joe Casas  (Undergraduate student) 2013-2014
  • Amanda DeFrance (Undergraduate student) 2013-2014
  • Samantha Flores (Undergraduate student) 2013-2014
  • Police Chief Tom Hain, ex officio

This committee makes policy and procedural recommendations, as well as considering appeals, concerning parking and traffic on campus.

30. Post-Tenure Review Committee – Elected to serve through Fall Semester

  • Roy Hurst 2011-2012 and 2012-2013
  • Jim Olson 2011-2012 and 2012-2013
  • Doug Spence 2011-2012 and 2012-2013
  • Doug Hale 2011-2012 and 2012-2013
  • Sophia Andres, Chair 2012-2013 and 2013-2014
  • Kyle Beran 2012-2013 and 2013-2014
  • Raj Desai 2012-2013 and 2013-2014

This committee is mandated by The U. T. System and will conduct the post tenure evaluation of faculty members. The committee will consist of members elected by the Faculty Assembly for staggered two-year terms. (calendar year)

31. Public Relations Committee

  • Anshu Saran, Chair
  • Travis Woodward
  • W. David Watts
  • Scott Smiley
  • William Fannin
  • Dale Cassidy
  • Thomas Davis
  • Jan Murdock
  • Teresa Sewell
  • Shawna Buckley
  • Steve Aicinena
  • Krystal Villanueva  ( Undergraduate Student )2013-2014

The Public Relations Committee advises the President on the University's advertising, student recruitment materials, and other aspects of the institution's community and public relations.

32.  QEP Committee

  • Nichole Rougeau -Vanderford, Chair
  • Autumn Calkins
  • Maureen Page
  • Kay Kolb
  • Denise Watts
  • Suzanne Rathbun
  • Allison Turner (Undergraduate Student)
  • Jessica Shultz (Undergraduate Student)
  • Denise Watts, ex officio

The QEP Committee will be responsible for instructional development and advising the QEP Director. The Committee will explore additional ways to promote the QEP initiative, disseminate information about the implementation of the QEP Program to the campus community each semester, and assist in the development of the SACS-COC Fifth-Year Report. The QEP Committee will consist of faculty, the QEP Director, and the Assessment Analyst.
At the completion of the QEP project, the QEP Committee will continue to assist the QEP Director in the development of institution-wide instruction in critical thinking. During this time, external presenters will continue to provide information about the theory, instruction, and assessment of critical thinking to the University community

33. Software Users Committee

  • Denise Watts, Chair
  • Scott Smiley
  • Ken Bridges
  • Nathan Smith
  • Joe Sanders
  • Jennifer Taveras

The committee will work to coordinate activities involving the programming and use of institutional data software systems such as POISE, Empower, DEFINE, PeopleSoft, and others.

34. Student Fee Advisory Committee

  • Jeannine Hurst (faculty)
  • Robert Perry (faculty)
  • Iris Fierro (staff)
  • First year of two year term (students):
    • Allison Bryant (Undergraduate Student)
    • Gerardo Ruiz  (Undergraduate Student)
    • Elizabeth Ruiz (Undergraduate Student)
      • -Student Alternate:  Kenzie Stone (Undergraduate Student)
      • - Student Alternate: Yesenia Gonzales (Undergraduate Student)
      • - Student Alternate: Landi Harding (Undergraduate Student)
  • Second year of two year term (students):  
    • Jessica Ibanez (Undergraduate Student)
    • Amber Bonn (Undergraduate Student)
    • Cristian Rodriguez (Undergraduate Student)
  • Caron Perkins – ex officio
  • Teresa Sewell - ex officio

This committee is mandated by state law and recommends to the President annual expenditures from student fees. The designated student will call the first meeting to order, in which a Chair (student) will be elected. Students will be appointed by the Student Senate later in the year.

35. Student Union Advisory Board (S. U. A. B.)

  • Penney Nichols, Chairman, ex-officio
  • Veronica Mateus (Graduate Student)
  • Giselle Loya (Undergraduate Student)
  • Thor Prosise (Undergraduate Student)
  • Davorian Marion (Undergraduate Student)
  • Oscar Vazquez (Undergraduate Student)
  • Joseph Grawburg (Undergraduate Student)
  • Marianne Woods (Nominated by Faculty Senate)
  • ___ (Nominated by Faculty Senate) TBA
  • ___ ( Nominated by Staff Advisory TBA
  • Doug Hildebrand (UTPB Alumnus - Non-Voting Advisor)

The Student Union Advisory Board is committed to the operation of the Student Union for the specific purpose of enhancing the experience for the diverse population of students. The Student Union Advisory Board will invest in the well-being of the UTPB students and prepare them to be socially responsible leaders and productive individuals.

36. Sustainability Committee

  • Jay Haney, Interim Director of Physical Plant
  • Todd Richardson, CAS
  • Joanna Hadjicostandi, CAS
  • Diane Post, CAS
  • Cory Alexander, CAS
  • Lorraine Spickermann, SoE
  • Prakash Pai, SoB
  • Raj Desai, SoB
  • Lail Grant, Staff
  • Lynzi Pinter, Student
  • Yasmin Wingo, Student
  • Oscar Vazquez, Student Senate President

 37. Teacher Education Council

  • Frank Hernandez, Chair
  • Roy Hurst
  • Rebecca Babcock
  • Ruth Ann McQuitty
  • Ana Leon
  • Jeanine Hurst
  • Dan Keast
  • Yolanda Salgado
  • Lorraine Spickermann
  • Doug Spence
  • Roland Spickermann
  • Juli Ratheal
  • Warren Koepp
  • William Fannin - ex officio

The Council addresses the need for institutional oversight for education certification programs, the need to coordinate educator certification programs with other programs, and the need to coordinate discipline requirements with TExES domains for those students seeking certification.

38. Tuition Advisory Committee

  • Teresa Sewell – Chair, Senior Associate Vice President
  • Derek Catsam, President of Faculty Senate (1st of 2 positions)
  • Prakash Pai, Chair of Budget and Governance Committee (2nd of 2 positions)
  • Dale Cassidy, Vice President Business Affairs
  • Jennifer Taveras, Financial Aid Director
  • Oscar Vazquez, StudentSenate President
  • Student Senate Representatives:
    • Pedro Torres, (Undergraduate Student)
    • Krystal Villanueva, (Undergraduate Student)                                                
    • Jessica Schultz (Undergraduate Student)
    • David Gonzales, (Undergraduate Student)
    • Amanda DeFrance, (Undergraduate Student)
  • Daniella Haynes, Staff Advisory Council (position 1)
  • ____, Staff Advisory Council (position 2) TBA
  • Community Representative, Dr. Anne Acreman

A proposed tuition plan will be presented to the Committee for review. The Committee will provide its advice on possible changes in the schedules of tuition and fees for the campus to the President of the University.

39. University Athletics Committee

  • Derek Catsam, Chair
  • Don Allen
  • Paul Hodges
  • Carol Traut
  • Bill Fannin
  • Richard Lloyd
  • Kyle Beran
  • Robert Perry
  • Lanita Akins
  • Jeff Dennis
  • Terrance Anders
  • Chermae Peel
  • Iris Fierro
  • Steve Aicinena - ex officio
  • Cristela Escobedo, Student Senate Representative
  • ____, UTPB Booster Club Representative TBA
  • ____, Student Athletic Club Advisory Council Representative –TBA
  • Jared Wilson, (Undergraduate Student)
  • Mikey Mendoza, (Graduate Student)
  • Roy Lee Sanchez, (Undergraduate Student)

The University Athletics Committee will evaluate the activities of the Athletic Department on a semester-by-semester basis and make recommendations for its effective operation

40. Web Oversite Committee

  • Nathan Smith,Chair - Information Support Specialist-IRD
  • Travis Woodward, Media and Special Programs Rep.
  • Scott Smiley, Admissions Director
  • ___,Faculty Senate Representative TBA
  • ___, Staff Advisory Council Representative TBA
  • Oneita Burgess, REACH Director
  • Ken Bridges, Interim Director of IRD
  • Thomas Davis, Webmaster
  • Helen Sun, CAS Representative
  • Brian Street,  Director of SAC
  • Allison Turner, student
  • Cristela Escobedo, student

The charge of the Web Oversight Committee is to make recommendations to the President regarding the official University website policy as needed. This committee will address questions or problems pertaining to website, management or policy.

41. Wellness Committee

  • Daniella Haynes, Chair
  • Maribea Merritt
  • Janet Carter
  • Lara Kessler
  • Margaret Boyd
  • Ynes Alderson
  • Jill Miller
  • Lail Grant
  • Josh Caudill
  • Roy Lee Sanchez, student
  • Terrance Anders
  • Autumn Calkins

The mission of the UTPB Wellness Committee is to establish and communicate opportunities, tools, and resources to help manage health. We believe that promoting wellness will enhance the quality of life for our faculty, staff, students, and their families.