The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

A Welcome to New Students


Students walking to class
The University of Texas of the Permian Basin is pleased to offer a big welcome to the approximately 800 students who will be new to UTPB for the fall 2010 semester. As you begin your education at UTPB, we hope you will experience the best in customer service.   For that reason, the following tips are offered to you, the new student, to assist you as you enroll and begin your classes.

How to be Admitted to UTPB

The first step is to get admitted to UTPB, which begins with an admissions application. To apply online go to or to apply in person contact the Office of Admissions at (432)552-2605. Freshmen will need to submit a final high school transcript or GED and SAT or ACT scores. Transfer and graduate students will need to submit transcripts from their previous colleges and universities. Graduate students will need to submit their GRE test scores in order to be admitted to a specific program; however, graduates can begin classes without the GRE scores. GRE, ACT and Compass tests can be taken on the UTPB campus through the PASS Office (432)552-0220. Students who wish to apply for financial aid should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the General Application for Scholarships.  To find out more information, you can go to the website or visit our Financial Aid Office in room 1225 of the Mesa Building. 

Academic Advising

Once you are admitted, the next step is academic advising.   The most up-to –date schedule of classes is located at where you will be able to see which classes are available and if they are closed yet. To find out who your academic advisor is, phone (432)552-2661. Next, phone your advisor to make an appointment to get a degree plan, to select classes and to ask any questions you have related to completing your degree at UTPB.   After being advised, you will be able to register.   In some cases the advisor can register you, otherwise you can self register on-line through Campus Connect at   To register online, contact the registrar’s office to obtain a PIN number.   If you do not register online or through your advisor, you should have your advisor sign a registration card and take it to the Registrar’s Office.    After registering, you can obtain a printout of your schedule which will give you the location of your classrooms.

Payment Arrangements and Financial Aid

Once registered, you should make payment arrangements.   If you have been awarded financial aid, you will not be dropped for non-payment. The priority deadline for financial aid was July 15; however, you can apply for assistance throughout the year. Students who apply after July 15 may experience a delay in receiving aid when compared to those who applied by July 15. Gift aid, such as Pell grants and scholarships will start processing on August 9. Loan disbursements will begin on August 19th, for continuing students and on September 20th, for first time borrowers.  In any case, all students should make arrangements to pay their bills in the Office of Accounting. If you want a payment plan, you can use the FACTS program.   Information on the FACTS program can be found here.    You can pay your bill with a credit card using Campus Connect.    The web site for Campus Connect is and you will need a PIN number to access this service. Campus connect can be used to check your schedule and account balance. You can come into the Office of Accounting, located in Room 1220 of the Mesa Building to pay by cash, check or credit card.

Buying Books  

Once you have registered and made payment arrangements, you should buy your books for your classes. You can purchase your books from the UTPB bookstore or from other vendors who carry the titles you need.    To find out which textbooks are required, you can go to the website for the Follet Bookstore located on the UTPB campus in the Mesa Building Courtyard.  

Parking Permits

If you will have a car on campus, you need to get a parking permit. When you are paying your bill, let accounting know that you will need a parking permit. When you are ready to purchase your permit, you should go by the Police Information Station located on the first floor in the Mesa Building Lobby. You will need to take your license plate number with you along with your receipt for your parking permit (a copy of your bill or other receipt from accounting).   If you are living in Student Housing, you will be issued a parking permit for housing only. If you want to park in other areas of the campus, you will need to purchase a permit. Be sure to read the parking guidelines after you purchase your permit. When parking on campus, always display your parking tag.

Finding the Location of Your Classes

Once you are registered, payment arrangements have been made and the books and parking permits are purchased, it is time to find your buildings and classrooms.    The following designations are made for locations for classes offered on the UTPB campus in Odessa, Texas: MB-Mesa Building; FB—Founders’ Building; GAB—Gym Annex Building; Gym—Gymnasium Complex; LL—Library Lecture Hall; IT—Industrial Technology; and, MRB—Music building. A map of the UTPB Campus can be found at
In addition to courses on its Odessa Campus, UTPB offers a variety of courses at other locations as well as through two online formats. Web-based or online classes are designated by UTTC for University of Texas Tele-Campus or by WEB for local web courses.   You should access your web courses the first day or two of classes.    Online classes cannot be accessed until the first day of classes (August 22, 2010). You can find your web classes log-in instructions at the REACH link:   Once on this site, note that you should click on WebCT for classes that say WEB as the location, while students who see UTTC as the location should click on the UTTC link.  
UTPB offers classes at several remote sites.   If you see CEED as the building, you will be attending class at the Center for Energy and Economic Diversification, located at Highway 191 and FM 1788. If you are enrolled in classes that say AB, you will be meeting at the Marie Hall Academic Building located on the Midland College campus in Midland, TX. Interactive audio/video classes are offered at various sites in the Permian Basin. If you see Andrews as the location you will be attending class at the Andrews Business and Technology Center in Andrews, TX. If you have WTTC as a location on your schedule, you will attend class at Western Texas College in Snyder, Texas, and, if you see HC as your location , you will attend class at Howard College in Big Spring, Texas.  

Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing

Classes can be added and dropped through Campus Connect or in the Registrar’s Office.   You can find deadlines for adding and dropping classes at . Dropping is defined as dropping one or more classes, while remaining enrolled in at least one course. Withdrawing is defined as dropping all classes and cannot be done through Campus Connect. If you need to withdraw from all of your classes, you will need to pick up a withdrawal form in the Registrar’s Office. If you have an emergency or if you are an online only student and cannot come to our campus, please contact the Registrar at (432)552-2635 to make arrangements to withdraw.

Academic Services

UTPB offers a variety of services to students who need help with their classes. Supplemental Instruction, tutorials and disability services can be arranged through the PASS Office located in Room 1160 of the Mesa Building. The University Writing Center, located in Room 2100 of the Mesa Building has tutors available to assist you in writing papers for your classes. The Math and Science Center, located in Room 4180 of the Mesa Building, can assist you with tutorials for your math and science classes. The Literacy Center is located in Room 4180 of the Mesa Building and can help you with reading and study skills.

Have a great semester!