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This Getting Started section will help your learning experience be more enjoyable by getting some "nuts and bolts" taken care of before classes start. You may enroll in a UTPB course where the instructor uses the web to distribute materials, or take a online course listed.  Either way, just remember,  your computer is your car to class. 

Improving your knowledge and skills about the web or improving your computer's performance may be necessary.   Technical Requirements will help verify the computer you use will function properly during the course. Keep the direct phone number to the UTPB Online Support Center available (1-877-633-9152), or when inside the Blackboard system go directly Technical Support button, or Help next to Logout.

You may access the self-assessment quiz, SmarterMeasure, to help you understand your strengths and to help improve your skills:

Select Username: A New Online Student in the drop down list and enter
Password: reach all lower case. 

There are no "right or wrong" answers, and no one needs to know the results unless you wish to share.

SMARThinking Online Tutoring services are provided for ALL students taking courses on campus or from a distance.