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Training Schedule

Click the "Session ID" for the training session you want to sign up for and fill out the form.  Training sessions have limited space and will close when full or one hour prior to the session start time.  This page will be updated periodically to keep the status of the sessions as accurate as possible.

Session ID Type Day & Time Location Signup Status
 150402-15 Sitefinity Basics Thursday, April 2 at 3pm MB 3239F Open - 5/8
 150407-10 Sitefinity Basics Tuesday, April 7 at 10am MB 3239F Open - 1/8
 150409-14 Sitefinity Basics Thursday, April 9 at 2pm MB 3239F Open - 3/8
 150413-10 Sitefinity Basics Monday, April 13 at 10am MB 3239F Open - 0/8
 150415-15 Sitefinity Basics Wednesday, April 15 at 3pm MB 3239F Open - 0/8
 150417-15 Sitefinity Basics Friday, April 17 at 3pm Online Open - 1/8