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The Reach to Teach Grant has selected its final cohort and is no longer accepting applications at this time.

If you would like to find out about other ways to fund your pursuit of this particular degree, please contact Financial Aid.

Only Texas Residents are eligible for grant funding,
however, all qualified students may apply to UTPB.

Once accepted, students  
can enroll in classes to earn a
Master of Arts Degree in Education:Special Education
Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood.

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 Information              Application Form (PDF) Reference Form Degree Plan

For more information, please contact:


Jan Murdock or Financial Aid


Project Directors

Dr. Frank Mullins-Special Education 

   Dr. Jan Murdock-Special Education  

Jan Murdock


   Dr. Kathy Siepak-Early Education

  Kathy Siepak


   UTPB also offers online Master's degree options in general Special Education and Educational Diagnostician (exclusive of 9 hours related to Clinical Assessment Training offered in odd-numbered summers).

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