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Title: The Professional Nursing Shortage Reduction program – Under 70 Program
PI: Dr. Dorothy Jackson, Director of Nursing
CoPI: Dr. Vicki Johnson
Awarding Agency: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board                                                                                    
Awarded Amount: Up to a potential $249,000
Period: 2014-2015
Summary: This innovative program can provide UTPB with funding for every successful graduate of the nursing school for an initial period of two years. Dr. Jackson will act as the project director with Dr. Johnson as CoPI. The amount received will depend on the graduation rates

Title: West Texas Mathematics Consortium (WTMC) 
PI: Dr Juli D'Ann Reatheal Assistant Vice President of Research, Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
CoPIs: Drs. Chris Hiatt, Warren Koepp and Yolanda Salgado
Awarding Agency: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Awarded Amount: $500,000
Period: 2014-2015 
Summary: The project The WTMC component at UTPB will provide 60 hours of professional development during a two-week summer workshop focusing on “Measurement” which is one of the lowest performance areas among middle school mathematics students across the state. is a collaborative effort between UTPB, Abilene Christian University (ACU), and Angelo State University (ASU). The funds are part of a federal initiative under the Teacher Quality Grants Program made available to higher education institutions to promote improved mathematics and science instruction. Of the $500,000, approximately $300,000 will target ECISD, MISD, and other regional charter, public and private schools’ middle school mathematics teachers within the UTPB immediate service area. 

Title: AREA 2: Using "Next Generation" CO2-EOR Technologies to Optimize the Residual Oil Zone CO2 Flood at Goldsmith Landreth Unit, Ector County, TexasDR. TRENTHAM
PI: Dr. Robert Trentham, Director of CEED, Geology
Awarding Agency: U.S. Department of Energy
Awarded Amount: $1,198,546
Period: 10/1/10-9/30/14
Summary: Objectives of this R&D project is to target "next generation" technologies at the residual oil zone (ROZ), use detailed reservoir characterization, laboratory and bench-scale testing, full-scale reservoir modeling and state-of-the-art diagnostics to optimize the design of the CO2 flood in the ROZ at the Goldsmith (San Andres) oil field in the Permian Basin.

Title: UTPB Robert Noyce Scholars Dr. Hurst
PI & Title: Dr. Roy Hurst, Professor, Science Education
Co PI: Dr. Doug Hale, Professor and Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science
Awarding Agency: National Science Foundation/47.076
Awarded Amount: $750,000
Period: 9/15/08-8/31/14
Summary: This four year project will provide financial incentives to boost the number of science and math majors obtaining certification to teach. UTPB Noyce Scholars at the undergraduate level will receive $10,000 annual scholarships for up to two years, in exchange for agreeing to teach in a high-need school for two years for each year of scholarship support.

Title: Project SAGE: Preparing Highly Qualified Special Education Teachers to Serve Students with Disabilities in the Content Area 
PI & Title: Administered by the School of Education
Awarding Agency: U.S. Department of Education/84.325T
Awarded Amount: $499,954
Period: 9/1/08-8/31/13
Summary: Funds from this grant will be used to restructure and improve the special education teacher preparation program. The new program will be designed to provide dual certification in academic content areas and will involve a collaborative effort of the School of Education and Arts and Sciences faculty.

Title: Autism & Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood
PI & Title:  Jan Murdock, Ed.D
Awarding Agency: U.S. Department of Education/84.325K
Awarded Amount: $1,065,000
Period: 1/1/2011-12/30/2015
Summary: The goal of this online project is to increase the number of highly educated teachers knowledgeable and skilled in autism and developmental disabilities who will work in early intervention or early childhood programs serving infants, toddlers and young children with disabilities.

Title: Permian Basin Mathematics and Science Teacher Academy (PBMSTA)Dr. Ratheal
PI & Title:
Dr. Juli Ratheal, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Co PI: Dr. Christopher Hiatt, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Awarding Agency: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Awarded Amount: $700,000
Period: April 2010-August 2015
Summary: UTPB will implement a MST academy offering opportunities to students/teachers to participate in various programs. The goals are to 1) increase the number of teachers with advance degrees by 44; 2) increase the number of teachers with degrees and/or initial certification by 6; 3) 10% increase in grades 7-11 TAKS scores for target populations of participants' students in partner districts; 4) develop a MST online Community of Practice (CoP) to facilitate project sustainability and collaboration; and 5) develop a Teacher Career Awareness Outreach Program for Middle and High School Students. Participating high needs districts are Ector County, Midland, Balmorhea, Monahans-Wickett-Pyote, Richard Milburn Academies, and Forsan.

Title: West Texas Middle School Mathematics Partnership Dr. Ratheal
PI & Title: Dr. Juli Ratheal, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
Co PI: Dr. Doug Hale, Professor and Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science
Co PI: Dr. Warren Kepp, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Awarding Agency: National Science Foundation/Collaboration with Texas Tech University
Awarded Amount: $1,016,804
Period: 2008-2113
Summary: The primary goal is to improve the mathematics performance and appreciation of students in a large geographic region heavily populated by Hispanics and economically disadvantaged students. West Texas Partnerships with Angelo State University, Sul Ross State University, Lubbock Independent School District, and Texas Education Service Center Region 15,17, and 18.


Title: Training Educators, Assessment and Mentoring for English Language Learning Students (TEAMS-4-ELLS) Dr. Lara
PI & Title: Dr. Susan Lara,
Co PI: Dr. Yolanda Salgado, Assistant Professor
Awarding Agency: U.S. Department of Education / 84.195N
Program Title: Bilingual Education - Professional Development
Awarded Amount: $1,977,660
Period: May 2012-April 2017
Summary: A five year grant from the US Department of Education entitled BEST 4 ELLS has been funded for $1,977,660 to train 24 pre-service teachers, 20 master in-service teachers and 150 in-service teachers through a program of teacher development with the ultimate goal of improving the education of English learners in the Permian Basin region of Texas. BEST 4 ELLS is a collaborative project, consisting of a consortia of local education agencies (school districts), including the Ector County ISD, The Midland ISD, The McCamey ISD, the Crane ISD, Monahans-Wickett-Pyote ISD, Seminole ISD, Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD, Midland Academy Public Charter School and one institution of higher education, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin. The goals of the project include improvingthe performance and learning of area bilingual and ESL elementary children, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines on multiple measures of school achievement.Pursuant to these goals, curriculum will be revised and a new major in bilingual studies, which will include a stronger STEM foundation will be proposed. This will strengthen the new teachers and will offer an improved program for teacher education in the future at UTPB. School districts in the region will provide referrals from their pools of paraprofessionals, while at the same time providing mentoring and field based placements for the pre-service teachers. The district consortia are fully committed to placements for student teaching, for assisting with hiring and placement of the candidates and for providing administrators to provide information on professional development. .

Title: UT System LSAMP Phase IV
PI & Title:
Benjamin Flores, UTEP/ Cooperative Agreement with UTPB-Dr. Tracie Gibson
Awarding Agency: National Science Foundation/47.076
Awarded Amount: $364,025
Period: 5/31/07-4/30/13
Summary: UT System Alliance is now in its fourth and final phase of NSF Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program. The Alliance's activities for this phase are to continue support for current NSF LSAMP undergraduate researchers; provide research support for new undergraduates and faculty members in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Title: Chemistry Department Research Grant
PI & Title: Dr. J. Michael Robinson, Ellen and Bill Noel Distinguished Professor for Energy Research
Awarding Agency: The Welch Foundation
Awarded Amount: $20,000
Period: 6/1/13-5/31/14
Summary: Supports chemical research for faculty members of the Chemistry Department and also provides an opportunity for students to study chemistry in a less structured way.

Title: NEEd
PI & Title:
Dr. James Wright, Project Director, HT3R
Awarding Agency: Nuclear Regulatory Commission CFDA: 77.006
Awarded Amount: $105,000
Summary: Grant funds will provide support to the current NEEd project.


Title: The Ector County Texas Home Visiting Program (THVP)
PI & Title:
Administered by the School of Education
Awarding Agency: State of Texas: Health and Human Services Commission
Awarded Amount: $1,191,560
Period: May 2013-September 2014
The goals of the program are to 1) Improve the health and well-being of young children and their families by providing home visiting services for pregnant women and parents of children from birth to age 5, and 2) Combine efforts with other groups that are providing services for pregnant women, young children, and their families.  This will be accomplished through the operation of four sub-projects: 
Parents as Teachers (PAT)  teaches parents how to help their children grow healthy and develop a good foundation for learning. It’s for pregnant women and teens and those who already have an infant or child up to 4 years old.  It is being administered by UTPB.
HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youth) gives parents the tools, skills, and confidence they need to prepare their children for learning in school. It’s for families of children ages 3 to 5 years old. Families learn how to read, write, count and explore their world together. HIPPY sets a good foundation for learning in and out of the classroom.  It is being operated under sub-contract by Greater Opportunities for the Permian Basin (GOPB).
Nurse Family Partnership is a Star Care Home Health program that puts  first-time moms together with a nurse who makes regular visits to the home. The visits start in the early weeks of pregnancy and continue until the baby turns 2 years old. During these visits, the nurse offers the knowledge and support the mother needs to gain confidence and create a better life for her baby and for herself.
Early Childhood Comprehensive System is an interagency coalition with monthly meetings. Coalition members examine school readiness data, which has been collected with the Early Development Instrument in kindergarten classrooms across Ector County. The goal of the coalition is to coordinate and enhance the services that are available to families of young children in Ector County.  It is being administered by UTPB.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
Awarding Agency: U.S. Small Business Administration/ NW Texas Small Business Development Center
Awarded Amount: $114,750
Period: Annual Contract with Texas Tech University
Summary: UTPB subcenter will operate in conjunction with the Northwest Texas Small Business Development Center Regional office. UTPB SBDC is responsible for furnishing services to small business in 16 counties.