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Our office is able to assist you in your budget proposal needs. Below you will find useful tools that can help you begin the construction of your budget. For more information contact the Research office at (432)552-3533. Note that if the sponsoring agency has their own budget template, it makes sense and saves time to use that template. Current information on fringe benefits and indirect costs are shown below.

Use this template as a tool for your budgeting purposes or (ideally) the template that may be provided by the funding agency).

Complete Budget Instructions

Current UTPB Information (FY2011-2016):

  1. Fringe Benefits on faculty and full time staff: 28%
  2. Fringe Benefits on part time staff & students: 17%
  3. F&A (Facilities and administration, (formerly termed "Indirect Costs"): Provisional, effective from 01/01/2011 until amended
    Rate on campus: 51.3%
    Rate off campus: 20%
  4. Standard practice dictates that salaries are increased in 3% increments each year of the life of a grant