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As an educational facility, the HT3R facility will be overdesigned for the health and safety of visitors and employees alike. Plans call for round-the-clock monitoring of the safety situation by a team of trained health physicists. Researchers at the facility will be required to pass a radiation safety exam in order to perform experiments in the radiation laboratories. The layout of the facility was done in such a way as to isolate the chemical experiments in the HTMP laboratory away from both the visitor space and office buildings and to provide total fire control coverage for the entire facility.

In addition, the inherent safety of the HTGR design will be backed by advanced thermomechanical computer designs for the secondary systems. Previous generations of research and power reactors alike were all designed without the aid of modern computers! The HT3R will benefit greatly from advances in both industrial engineering technology and radiation transport simulation, making it a model facility for any that might follow in terms of safety design.