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The HT3R Energy Research Facility will have the following components. 

  1. HT3R Reactor - a high-temperature, gas-cooled, TRISO (TRIstructural ISOtopic ceramic coated micro-spheres containing fissile material) fueled reactor with a graphite prismatic core.
  2. Nuclear Radiation Laboratory - a laboratory with counting stations, fast-delivery systems (rabbits) with remote counting stations, remote handling stations, and state-of-the-art nuclear spectroscopy equipment.
  3. Hot Cells - Laboratory space for the study of highly irradiated samples and new nuclear test fuels.
  4. High-Temperature Process and Materials Laboratory - a laboratory, with access to the high-temperature cooling gas from the reactor, for the development of new materials and the economical new industrial processes that require significant amounts of heat at approximately 950o C. These processes include the thermo-chemical production of hydrogen from water and syn(thetic)fuels from coal and refinery wastes.
  5. Brayton Cycle Development Laboratory - a laboratory to test and optimize the use of gas turbines driven by high-temperature gases (in the Brayton Cycle as opposed to the Rankine Cycle when using steam) to generate electricity at efficiencies greater than 50%.