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 Institutional Effectiveness Handbook

All Institutional Effectiveness forms due May 15, 2015

Academic Department & Dean Results/Use Forms for 2014-2015

If you filled out a form 1 in a department or dean's office use form 3 to report your results and use of results.

If you are reporting on a degree program and filled out an assessment planning form 2; use form 4 to report your results and use of results.

Academic Department and Dean Planning Forms for 2015-2016

If you are a department head or dean's office, use planning form 1 to report your planned activities for next year.  Remember to include the elements from your last program review.

Degree and Certificate Program Planning Form

If you are planning assessment for a degree program, use form 2BE SPECIFIC

Staff Office or Department Results/Use Forms for 2014-2015

You will use forms 7 and 8 to report the results of your planning activities (form 7) and assessment activities (form 8).  Remember that you report the results of the planning activities that you placed on form 5 and assessment results and use from the activities that you planned on form 6 last summer.

Staff Office or Department Planning and Assessment Forms for 2015-2016

You will use forms 5 and 6 to report your office plans (form 5) and assessment activities (form 6) for next year.

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