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U.T. Permian Basin allows a person who does not desire a degree or who does not desire course credit to register for classes on a non-credit basis. This is known as auditing a course. Students auditing classes are permitted to attend classes and participate in the course discussions, studio and laboratory work, and other class activities. They are not required to complete work outside the classroom or sit for exams. No credits are earned and are not applicable toward a degree from U.T. Permian Basin. No course credit appears on a transcript for auditing a course and thus it does not carry transfer recommendations.

The fee for auditing a course is $35 per credit hour of course plus any applicable lab fees. This fee covers course participation, library use, and computer use privileges similar to those of students. It does not cover parking or provide access to student services covered by the student service fee or the medical services fee.

No credit is earned through auditing the class, and a student may not earn credit through examination for audited courses. One may not audit contract study, self-paced, thesis, research, or practicum courses. Students applying only for the purposes of auditing a course are not required to meet all admission requirements. However, students that have been denied admission are not eligible to audit classes. Registration for auditing courses can occur only during the late registration period. It is on a space available basis only and requires the instructor’s permission. Students should contact the Registrar’s Office for audit enrollment forms and procedures.