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Name Room Telephone Email Title
Aguilar, Vicki MB 1220B 432-552-2713 Account Receivables/Billing
Couttelac, Estephonia MB 1224F 432-552-2714 Grant Accountant
Ferguson, Annette MB 1224D (432)552-2712 Director
Franco, Cuca MB 1224E 432-552-2716 Assistant Director
Granado, Bianca MB 1220 (432)552-3706 Accountant II
Lujan, Denise MB 1220C 432-552-2712 Treasury Accountant
Ramirez, Erica MB 1220C 432-552-2711 Asset and Project Accountant
Rede, Sylvia MB 1224A 432-552-2709 Accounting Coordinator
Rex, Jackie MB 1220 432-552-2710 Accounting Clerk II