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UTPB's Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan enables students to lock in today’s tuition rates, avoid any future tuition increases and earn up to $4,000 off the cost of a four-year degree.


  • The Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan is available to all incoming freshmen and undergraduate transfer students entering UTPB in Fall 2014 or thereafter.
  • The plan is available only to incoming students who are seeking their first bachelor’s degree.
  • The plan does not apply to continuing undergraduates or graduate students.
  • Community college students may opt for the Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan by declaring an intent to transfer to UTPB on the Future Transfer Students agreement.
  • Once the Guaranteed Tuition Rate Plan option is selected, a student may not change to the Traditional Tuition Plan.

How it Works

  • Earn 30 credit hours toward your degree and a minimum 2.5 GPA at UTPB your first academic year.
  • Receive $1,000 off your next semester’s tuition payment.
  • Earn a second $1,000 tuition rebate after completing 60 credit hours toward your degree in your second year and maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA at UTPB.
  • Earn a final $2,000 tuition rebate after completing 90 credit hours toward your degree in your third year and maintaining a 2.5 GPA at UTPB.
  • Qualify for an additional $1,000 on-time tuition rebate through the State of Texas for graduating on time with no more than three hours outside your degree plan.

Calculate the Savings

Tuition and Fees Comparison for 2014-2015
15 hours per semester for 4 years

Current Rate 25,832.00 Assumes no increases in tuition or fees

Guaranteed Rate 27,944.00
minus rebates         4,000.00
                              23,944.00 Savings = 1,888.00