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UT OASYS is the UT Operational and Administrative System. It contains the web version of UT's current financial system, *DEFINE.

Most parts of OASYS contain secured information. Therefore, please be ready to enter your UT EID and password (please contact IRD (552-2415) for UT EID logon information). Also, you must be using Netscape 3.0 or better, with Java, JavaScript and cookies enabled.

What accounting information is currently available?

You can look at the main menu for the Accounting section of OASYS on OASYS itself, or use the links below to go to a particular section. You will have to log in to get to the first screen; then you can navigate within OASYS without another login.

  1. Unit Code Information
    See accounts controlled by a unit, and the signers and contacts for the unit.
    See accounts you can access.

  2. Financial Reports by Categories
    Provides a year-to-date summary of financial information by department, college, or group of accounts.

  3. Account Balances
    View balances for all accounts in a department (by Unit Code).
    View balances for one account.

  4. Document Inbox
    View and/or approve electronic documents awaiting your attention.

The Office of Accountings offers training on the use of OASYS. Please contact our office for more information.