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As we approach the Initial Go-Live date, we’ll continue to add more information regarding PeopleSoft implementation here at UTPB!

PS Implementation

The PeopleSoft (PS) Implementation is a set of power point slides depicting the revised PS deployment plan to include those PS applications set for Initial Go-Live May 1, 2014. In addition, these power point slides also include the applications planned for Sequence 1 (Sept – Oct 2014) and Sequence 2 (Jan – Feb 2015).

How to Use the UPK Player

The “How to Use the UPK Player (UTPB).pdf (256 KB)” depicts how users can use the automated Unit Productivity Kit (UPK) player to learn about basic applications within PS. Each lesson includes three modes: See It, Try It, and Print It. In the first mode, See It, the viewer merely watches as the UPK literally walks the viewer through each step of a given topic. In the second mode, Try It, the viewer is afforded the opportunity to complete each step of a given application with some prompting. In the third mode, Print It, the viewer can print the step-by-step guidance necessary to complete a PS application.

The UPKs were recently demonstrated at our UTPB PeopleSoft Information Fair (held January 23, 2014) and were a huge hit with the attendees! Many attendees found the applications very intuitive and helpful. The “How to Use the UPK Player (UTPB).pdf (256 KB)” contains all the information you need on UPKs as well as a link to the UPKs on page 2 of the document. Please review the Employee Self-Service (ESS) applications for the UPKs as many of the ESS applications are projected for the May 1, 2014 Initial Go-Live.

Chart of Accounts Lingo

The Chart of Accounts Lingo document includes a “crosswalk” of terms from *DEFINE to PeopleSoft with examples. Also included is a list of UTPB departments as they will be identified in PeopleSoft.