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The University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) promotes and supports the use of the Internet and Internet applications to inform the global community about the services and operation of UTPB and to provide support to university personnel in the administration of programs. UTPB places conditions and guidelines on the use of the Internet, Internet resources, and Internet applications on computer systems and facilities that are the property of UTPB. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide specific information to campus users of the Internet resources.

Several principles underlie UTPB’s guidelines regarding access to and publication on the Internet. The university upholds an individual’s constitutional right to freedom of speech and the faculty’s right to academic freedom. The authors of these guidelines appreciate the spirit in which the Web was created and exists. UTPB also recognizes that material created by its component departments, schools, labs and other "official" sources represent the university to audiences within the institution and far beyond. In the creation of these guidelines, a conscious effort has been made to balance good stewardship of institutional assets with the need for individual freedom and creative expression.


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As good stewards, all users of UTPB’s information resources, must act professionally and with regard for others. Specific requirements and restrictions related to the use of state-owned information resources are documented in the agency’s Acceptable Use Policy For Information Resources and the U.T. System Policy For the Use And Protection Of Information Resources.


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Publishing on UTPB’s Internet Servers

The UTPB Information Resource Division (IRD) maintains Internet servers, which may be used by university departments, organizations, employees and students for publishing information, restricted to internal use and information available for public display.

Information contained in these servers should be consistent with and in support of UTPB’s mission of education, research and community service. Internet pages may not be used for commercial purposes. That is, they cannot be for the personal or private gain of an individual or group of individuals to promote a private or commercial cause. Institutional (departmental) pages (pages that are departmentally endorsed and reflect UTPB activities or business) should not contain personal, private, confidential or any other material not directly relevant to the appropriate business of UTPB.

All Internet servers, which share Internet protocol (IP) addresses within the domain assigned to UTPB, will be operated and managed by the UTPB Information Resources Division.

The UTPB Home Page

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The official "home page" for UTPB is The home page’s primary objective is to provide an attractive, clear and easily navigable point-of-entry to the wealth of information on UTPB’s Internet servers.

The UTPB home page is managed be the Web Advisory Board with the support of the UTPB Information Resources Division.

The official UTPB home page ( will not provide direct links to unofficial or individual personal home pages. Rather, these pages will be linked from the "Unofficial" page. Departments may choose, at their option, to also offer links from their "Official" sites to either the directories on the "Unofficial" page, or directly to personal home pages of university students, staff and faculty, or to offer no links to personal pages. Departments must uniformly apply whichever option they choose. (Please see "personal page disclaimer" information below.)

Responsibilities Of Publishers

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Publishers of pages on UTPB’s Internet servers are responsible for:

  • ensuring the accuracy of the information presented;
  • offering readers pages that demonstrate professional design and quality presentation;
  • regularly updating and keeping published information current;
  • understanding and complying with copyright, intellectual property and libel laws;
  • responding in a timely fashion to inquiries and comments directed at one’s published material and;
  • maintaining full compliance with applicable Acceptable Use Policies.

The university cannot guarantee the complete accuracy and dependability of the information stored on or retrieved from its Internet servers.

UTPB Internet publishers linked directly to the official home page represent the university and are responsible for the pages they publish, as well as the direct links they maintain to other resources. Content providers and page publishers are expected to abide by the highest standards of quality and responsibility.

Pages that give access to any confidential or sensitive data must contain standard protection from unauthorized access.

UTPB will not claim nor seek any editorial control over material maintained in the individual accounts of staff, faculty and students. To keep a visible distance from institutional or "official" UTPB information, disclaimer notices will appear on personal pages of faculty, staff and students.

Initiating Web Material At UTPB

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  • the name and contact information of the creator of the page;
  • the name and contact information of the person/group responsible for the content;
  • copyright designation w/ identification/affiliation with UTPB and link to UTPB home page (Example: Copyright © 1998 The University of Texas of the Permian Basin);
  • a link to a page which describes the UTPB policies regarding the Web and an email address to which comments may be sent; and the
  • date of creation or most recent revision of the document.

Personal pages or sites:

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  • the name and contact information of the creator of the page;
  • the name and contact information of the person/group responsible for the content;
  • disclaimer (statement declaring that the page is not "official" and is an expression of the personal opinion of the author/publisher);
  • a link to a page which describes the UTPB policies regarding the Web and an email address to which comments may be sent; and the
  • date of creation or most recent revision of the document.

On pages other that the top-level page, a navigational aid (button or text) that takes the user back to that particular resource’s top-level page and to the UTPB home page is recommended.

In all cases, the use of the term "WebMaster" shall be reserved. WebMaster shall refer to the central, overall web site management function provided by UTPB IRD. Technical issues related to operation of the web site should be addressed to WebMaster. Other issues, particularly issues involving content, should be directed to the person responsible for specific page content. This individual will be designated as the "PageMaster". Many "PageMasters" will be represented on the UTPB Web Site. Only a single WebMaster will be represented.

UTPB Web Support

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UTPB IRD offers and will continue to offer training on use of the Internet, Internet applications, and Web development to university employees and students. Other resources being developed include:

  • publishing templates available for downloading; and
  • a digital image library *.

* The UTPB seal and logo will be made available on-line as part of the image library. However, restrictions govern their appropriate use. University-affiliated components may (and are encouraged to) use the university seal or logo on their official Internet sites for university purposes, as they would use letterhead and business cards containing these graphic elements. However, faculty, staff and students publishing personal pages should not be using the seal or logo on their personal web sites, as they do not represent the university in an official capacity at these sites.

Complaint Resolution Process

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Fundamentally, these guidelines rely on personal responsibility and professionalism on the part of Web publishers. The nature of the technology is such that, even given the desire, perpetual vigilance would yield little more than isolated success in enforcement. For these guidelines to work, we must each take personal and communal responsibility for what we produce.

Communication is critical in conflict resolution, hence the emphasis on contact information as a page component. It is our desire that peer direction and support drive compliance. When and if warranted, the Web Advisory Board will serve as arbitrators in conflict resolution.

The penalties for bad decisions on the part of Web publishers can run from e-mail from disappointed or angry readers, to suspension or withdrawal of UTPB internet server use, to – for violations of state and federal laws – suspension, dismissal and/or criminal and civil prosecution.


Requests to publish on a UTPB Web site or to post a link from the official home page will be accomplished via the UTPB Web Publication Form. This form is available from UTPB IRD.

Required Elements For Material Published on UTPB Web Servers

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The following elements need to be included at least once at the top level of any information tree, which is linked t the UTPB (home page institutional sites) or published from UTPB Web servers (personal pages or sites). This information will be offered in template form as part of a "Web Developer’s Toolkit" for page creators who choose to use it.

Institutional (departmental) pages or sites:

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