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What Is a UT EID

Your UT EID is an electronic identifier that will allow you to access online secure services on the UT Austin administrative computing system. These services (such as UTDirect and several other UT Austin applications) require you to identify yourself through the use of the UT EID. These services are part of UT Austin's Campus Information System available on the World Wide Web. A UT EID is not necessary to access public information online (such as the UTNetCAT library catalog).

All individuals conducting business with UT Austin online have UT EIDs including students, employees, job applicants and companies recruiting students. UT EIDs are automatically assigned when the individual's relationship begins with UT Austin.  For UTPB employees, this relationship probably exists because UTPB payroll is produced by UT Austin.   Since some of the individuals do not log into the UT Austin computer systems, their UT EIDs are never claimed.

What Is a UT EID Assurance Level?  

The 'assurance level' of a UT EID indicates the amount of trust afforded to a person's online identity. For example, an individual with a high assurance UT EID has utilized the procedures outlined in UTPB IRD Standard Practice and Procedure 30.0044 and has provided proof of their identity to the University by presenting a government issued photo ID (ex. driver's license or passport) at the EID Upgrade service center (the UTPB Human Resources office).  All faculty and staff should upgrade their UT EID to high assurance.  This will provide access to important payroll and earnings information.

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