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 The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

       A wonderful site! We are located in a great area, with a movie theater, shopping centers, and scenic views only five minutes away.Odessa

             A great staff! Our consultants are from Texas and other areas in America, and are able to give you broad views and an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills.

       A great opportunity! Receive the opportunity to interact and share ideas with other instructors in the growing AP and Pre-SACAP field. You will be able to focus and grow with others who are there to achieve the same goals as you.

            A memorable experience! With a great staff, great site, and a great opportunity you cannot go wrong. Join us this summer for APSI. You will not forget it!

 falconThe University of Texas of the Permian Basin is dedicated to students and academic success. As our Mission Statement conveys “The University of Texas System is committed to pursuing high-quality educational opportunities for the enhancement of the human resources of Texas, the nation, and the world through intellectual and personal growth.”