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AP Spanish Language and Culture

The workshop will focus on the new AP Spanish Language and Culture Course and the new Curriculum Framework. Participants will become familiar with the themes that explore connections among language, literature, and culture through diverse global perspectives. Participants will also explore several course planning and pacing guides, will develop a class syllabus, and will become familiar with the new exam format for 2014. Participants will be guided through various sample activities to develop students' proficiencies in the Interpersonal, Interpretive, and Presentational modes. General institute methodology will include lecture, discussions, assigned readings, assigned homework, presentations, and projects. Participants are encouraged to bring laptops or tablets and a memory stick.

AP English Language

This one-week institute will focus on the core areas for any AP English Language course: Rhetoric and Argument. Initially, we will explore and delineate rhetorical and argumentative theory, then apply these theories to short texts. As we transition to a full day on the subject of teaching the reading of non-fiction, we will apply theory to full essays, then unpack definitions of reading from AP multiple-choice questions as we work toward a methodology for teaching reading. By mid-week, we delve into writing, focusing at first on last year’s questions and samples, then on broader topics of writing process. Our discussion will segue into assignment design, assignment sequencing, and assessment issues. We will also attempt to tackle the issue of curriculum, to modify existing practice, and to show how we might do some parts of our course differently for the upcoming school year.

AP English Literature

Participants will be engaged throughout the week with hands on materials that will enlighten them to have a clear understanding as to how and why, as a beginning teacher, they should organize an AP Literature English and Composition course. High level reading skills, concrete to abstract analysis of literature, use of rhetorical devices, advanced strategies for objective test, and strategies for writing to the prompts for the composition part of the test will be stressed. Teachers will receive numerous activitities and projects that will enhance the content of their courses. How to score the AP compositions will also be a major part of the training. Teachers will be engaged with major pieces of literature for discussion and analysis. Welcome to an enriched week of learning.



AP U.S. History

This AP United States APSI will focus on preparing the participants to teach the redesigned AP United States History Course. The new Curriculum Framework, including the Thematic Learning Objectives, Key Concepts, and New Time Periods will be the explained and demonstrated throughout the week. The Historical Thinking Skills will be presented as they are used throughout the course and exam. The Institute will include how to begin the redesigned AP U.S. History course, including writing the syllabus and selecting a text and other resources. Choosing and analyzing documents will be emphasized as they are now used even more than ever.

The Institute will include demonstrations of and participation in various methods used in the AP classroom. To augment a discussion of recent historical literature, participants are encouraged to bring favorite books or articles to share. Strategies for writing and answering multiple choice questions, and for writing and scoring the short-answer questions, FRQ, and DBQ essays will be explored and practiced. Content will also be addressed with an emphasis on topics frequently addressed on the Exam. These include social, political, economic and other types of history; comparisons of the issues of different time periods; and analysis of several events and personalities, including a look at “The Kennedy Legacy: After 50 Years”. The use of music, art, and literature in the AP American history classroom will be also be demonstrated.


Pre-AP Biology

The 2014 Pre-AP Biology APSI will acquaint teachers with the four Big Ideas found in the AP Biology curriculum framework. Participants will take an in-depth look at the new AP Biology curriculum framework and how it is organized into Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings, Essential Knowledge statements, Learning Objectives, and Science Practices. Each of the four days will address a different Big Idea. Each day will also include a Pre-AP Strategy session designed to enhance a Pre-AP Biology learning environment by moving from teacher to student-centered instruction. Pre-AP Concepts will also be offered in a daily session to help teachers assist students toward skills needed in an AP Biology class. Select AP Biology labs that correlate to each Big Idea will be included. Additionally, inquiry investigation will be performed to help the teacher move from guided to more open-inquiry labs for their students. Participants are asked to bring their current Pre-AP Biology textbook, a calculator, and a laptop computer if available. Through practice, sharing of ideas, discussions, and modeling, it is the intention that participants will become more skilled in instructing their students to become more successful in achieving the skills to be successful in the Pre-AP and AP Biology programs of study.

Pre-AP Math (Junior High School)

 This course will focus on the importance and relevance of mathematics prior to Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry as well as emphasizing the language of Algebra, solving equations and inequalities, linear functions, non-linear functions, data interpretation and probability. Critical thinking skills will be explored and participants will use multi-representational approaches to look at problems analytically, graphically, numerically, and verbally. They will explore internet websites and various forms of technology to increase comprehension and be introduced to hands-on activities that will supplement and enhance their teaching techniques. There will be discussions about best practices and strategies to successfully implement inquiry-based learning activities. Participants will share ideas and best practices and be asked to present at least one of the best practices they use in their classrooms with the rest of the class.

Pre-AP Math (High School)

This course is designed to help teachers incorporate AP/Pre-AP strategies and concepts into their math curriculum. It will emphasize math topics such as: accumulation, area, coordinate geometry, functions, limits, optimization, sequences and series, rate of change, probability and statistics and how these topics can be appropriately included in different math courses. There will be a variety of teaching strategies including activities, projects, alternative assessments, graphing calculators, CBLs, and internet. Participants will discuss Pre-AP philosophy, resources, vertical teaming, AP exams and grading and how to get support from parents, and administrators. Participants are encouraged to bring their graphing calculator if they have one and their best lesson or activity to share.