Craft Out of Bounds

October 23 - November 30 , 2009
Craft Out of Bounds
This group show focuses on artwork that explores multi-media while remaining firmly grounded in one of the traditional craft media: clay, glass, metals, wood, and fiber.
Opening Reception: Friday October 23, 2009, 7-9 pm. Free and Open to the Public.


Installation View
Installation View
Sang-Mi Yoo - Sprouts - lasercut wool felt and MDF, 69x69 inches
Luscious Edge 1
Shannon Sullivan - Luscious Edge #1 - 10"x10"x3", clay resin plexiglass
Oscar Silva - Aborigine - fibers 
Gingerbread Birdhouse
Wesley Harvey - Gingerbread Birdhouse -porcelain, glaze, rayon, fibers, wood, felt, plaster, gold leaf
Pochinko Trophy
Suguru Hiraide - Pochinko Trophy - aluminum, bronze
Retired Plumber's Homebuilt
Jack Hickman - Retired Plumber's Homebuilt - multi media
The Dinner Game
Laura Sturtz - The Dinner Game - bronze, silver, wood, cloth, aluminum rivets 
Steve Hilton - Installation - ceramic 
David Keens - Dreamer - glass 
Daiken Asakawa - 1-800-247-D.I.R.E.C.T. - multi media