Department of History

Study then. Impact now.

The study of history spans art and philosophy, technology, religion, politics, and basic survival. All human achievements and failures are part of our history. Though it is about the past, it is really about philosophical frameworks, arguments, and the evolution of human knowledge. We must study what occurred in the past so we can both appreciate and understand those who came before us, and so we can better understand the diverse human life around the globe. A history degree effectively complements the pursuit of law, literature, and a host of other disciplines.

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History Program

  • BA in History
  • MA in History
  • Minor in Mexican-America/Chicano Studies
  • Minor in History
  • Minor in Sports Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in History

Humanities Program

  • BA in Humanities
  • BA in Humanities - Visual and Performing Arts 
  • BA in Humanities - Online / Finish@UT

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