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Recent Faculty Publications

Anderson, L.L., Carter, J.A., & Olson, J.N. (2014). The Relationship between symptoms of posttraumatic stress and levels of self-efficacy in sexually abused children. National Social Science Journal42, 23-27.

Estep, H.M., Avalos, M.D., & Olson, J.N. (in press). The relationship between orienting styles, general deviance, academic dishonesty, and infidelity. College Student Journal.

Harlow, W.F., & Olson, J.N. (2016). Improving student retention using the BASIC retention strategy: A case study. Journal of Student Success and Retention. 3 (1), 1-28.

Olson, J.N., & Carter, J.A. (2014). Caring and the college professor. Focus on Colleges, Universities, and Schools, 8, 1-9.

Olson, J.N., & Montgomery, L.M. (2017). Finding Sarah: 49 year reunion with the chimpanzee of David Premack's language studies.Review of General Psychology. 21 (2), 170-177.

Faculty Awards & Honors

Olson, J.N., V. Ray Cardozier Endowed Professorship, established to "reward and support faculty excellence." The University of Texas - Permian Basin, 2017.