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Why should you get a degree in humanities? The skills you’ll learn are highly valued in today’s workforce. From literature, to history and philosophy, students will become strong, critical thinkers. The unique and flexible degree plans allows students to choose at least two areas of concentration in art, communication, English, history or music.

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Careers for Humanities Majors

Humanities students will develop a broad set of skills that prepare them for a career as a:

  • Attorney
  • Teacher
  • Advertising agent
  • Journalist
  • Event planner
  • Government agent
  • Counselor

Degree Requirements                                

  • The Bachelor of Arts (BA) online degree in Humanities requires a total of 120 credit hours.
  • All candidates for this degree must fulfill the basic education requirements and the humanities requirements.

Humanities Major Requirements

  • The Bachelor of Arts (BA) online degree in Humanities major requirements include a total of 78 credit hours.
  • No minor is required for this degree.

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