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RN to BSN Program

Taking care to the next level.

You’re a crucial part of a vital team. You don’t just improve lives—you save them. A career so fulfilling deserves to keep growing. You can advance from RN to BSN at The University of Texas Permian Basin. We know that working RNs need a flexible, realistic educational program. The RN to BSN program at UT Permian Basin is designed to fit into an already busy schedule of professional and personal commitments.

Why should I work towards a BSN?

Earning a BSN opens the door for more opportunities in your career. A change in hiring practices at many hospitals has resulted in hiring BSNs first. Aside from job opportunities, the training offered in a BSN program can prepare you for a variety of settings from homecare to case management. Working towards a BSN can also set you on the path to a leadership role as a nurse executive or nurse educator.

Admission Requirements

  • Must hold a current RN license to practice professional nursing in Texas or another state recognized by the NCLEX-RN Council of Nursing.
  • Must be a graduate of a national accredited professional nursing program approved by the Texas State Board of Nursing.
  • Must be admitted to UT Permian Basin.
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