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Orientation & General Questions

How can we access the Orientation link?
An email invitation will be sent to admitted students to the email address they provided on their application. If you’re on the lookout for your invitation, be sure to check your junk mail just in case. If you cannot find your invitation, please contact us at and we can resend it. Students registered for SOAR will also receive an emailed link to begin the program once it goes live.

Will the SOAR fee be less since its online now?
No, the fee will stay the same. The fee supports the online program, staffing, some prizes and giveaways throughout the summer, and additional new student programming in the fall.

How will we be able to get around without taking a car?
We have a UTPB shuttle service that transports students between the Odessa and Midland campuses.

What is the graduation rate?
Our most recent 6-year graduation rate is 50.1%.

I’m a student under 504 due to being dyslexic. What do I need to do to make sure I can still receive help in college?
We have an Office of ADA for Students that can assist you.

I know I need to buy my parking permit online. Where do I pick it up?
Our police department manages parking permits and student IDs. They are currently finalizing plans for pick-up of those items and more details will be emailed to students/published online when we get closer to the start of the fall semester.

Is it suggested we buy our books at the campus bookstore or buy/rent from another provider?  Does the bookstore sell them online or only in person?

Where can I find information on getting a job while at school?
You can find job posts and resources through our Career Service department. Their website speaks more about their offerings and assistance:

What is the best way to contact coaches?
Contact the Athletic Office at 432-552-2677 or by e-mail at You can also find the Athletics staff directory online at

How can I access to courses materials?
If you go to the UTPB bookstore website at you can put in your courses and search the books that faculty have indicated are needed for these courses.

I have troubles login to course login, to check my classes. How do I reset my password?View the troubleshooting guide here: If this still doesn't help you feel free to reach out to us at and we will facilitate a solution.

When will we get access to canvas to be looking for information from professors about which days we will be in person for our classes?
Faculty are working on finalizing these plans and those details will be emailed to all students when they are complete.

Admissions & Registrar Questions

Where do we send the vaccination information? 
Meningitis vaccine records can be sent to either Admissions or Registrar Both offices can put that information into the system.

How can we get credit for AP tests? 
Request college board to send the scores directly to UTPB Admissions Office.

Will I be able to transfer credits of classes I take this summer at a community college, even though I'll be coming in as a freshman to UTPB?
Yes, any college level (general education) courses from an accredited school will transfer to UTPB. Be sure to request for the official transcript to be send to our admissions office. Make sure your advisor knows what classes you are taking at the community college so they do not enroll you in a class at UTPB that you have or will have credit for at a community college.

If I have taken dual credit course with UTPB, do I still need to send a college transcript?
No need to, we can look it up on our end.

If we are not able to attend traditional college due to COVID 19 and we decided to just take classes at home at our local community college will we have to reapply?
UTPB offers several courses online and so it is very feasible to take courses with us and maintain your enrollment. If you attend elsewhere, you just need to let us know and we can update your application to a future semester. However, after two long semesters (i.e. Fall and Spring) with no enrollment, you do have to re-apply for admission by resubmitting an application.

What if we decide not to attend until January 2021?
We can update your application to the Spring 2021 if you decide to delay your enrollment. Just contact the Admission Office and we will make that adjustment. However, we hope you can join us this fall!

In my account I have holds that I already did, like taking the TSI, my question is how much time does it take in order to not see the holds in my account?
If you click on the hold you can find more information about who to call to check on the hold. Be sure it is an actual hold. Checklist items are not holds and won't block registration. Holds will block registration and you can follow up with the office responsible for the hold.

How come the admissions office is working slow?
Admissions is working diligently every day to process all incoming applications and paperwork. If you want an update on something that has previously been submitted, please contact and they will be happy to assist you.

If we are sending our final transcript do we just send it to the school? Or do we need to send it to an specific place?
Just have it mailed to the UTPB Admission Office or if it is being sent electronically, it can be sent to

Will online classes be available for those who don't live in Odessa?
Yes, no matter if you plan to attend in person for the full semester or if you leave early all classes will have online options available.

Will we be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available?
Currently, it is too early to answer that question. Most likely, we will not but it will depend on the availability of that vaccine and direction from CDC.  We will get that message out quickly if it ever does become a requirement.  We do not expect that it will, at this point. We are working from information currently available and all plans are posted to our website. Please note masks will be required on campus.

Will we be quarantined on the August 7-8th move in?
Student Affairs is working to provide updates for International students complete with information and requirements for self-isolation upon arrival back in the United States. We encourage International student to continue to check in with Diana Ortiz, our Program Coordinator for International Students.

TSI & Advising Questions

Can you send all the information covering the TSI testing new regulations or when can it be taken due to the pandemic?
Information regarding online TSI testing will be sent out soon. Find TSI information online.

Where do I go to remove a TSI hold?
The advising office will help you take care of your TSI requirements and the hold as well. You will have a TSI hold on your account until you have met the requirement in all three sections, math, reading, and writing. Your advisor will be able to register you in classes even if you have the hold.

How soon do we need our TSI SCORES submitted?
As soon as possible but you should have them turned in before you meet with an advisor to

Can the TSI be taken at my local community college? if not, where can we go to take the TSI?
We are working on a virtual option for taking the TSI as another option in the case you cannot
go to a local proctoring center. We will communicate more information when those instructions
are finalized to those that are liable.

What are the TSI SCORE requirements?
350 on math, 351 on reading, and 340 and a 4 on the essay for writing.

If we were to already take a course based on the TSI such as contempt math does that count?
If you have already taken a course that exempts you from TSI, you will not be required to take
TSI math. You will need to submit the official transcript to admissions.

What happens if you don't meet the TSI minimum score levels?
You will be co-enrolled in developmental classes along with classes that will meet the

Will there be any prep study guides available for TSI?
Yes, will provide links to the prep guides.

Are the developmental courses 3-hour courses?
Yes, developmental courses are 3-hour courses.

So will completing a college readiness class count?
A "College Readiness" course is typically not transferable but the benefit from the course carries
over to the other classes and that classroom experience helps you be successful at the college

Okay so I’ve taken the reading and writing TSI but don't know where I can access my scores to send them to registrar.
You can get that from the testing center that you took the test from or you can reach out to
college board and request for scores to be delivered to us. You can also get that information
from our testing center if you know the username you used and the date you took it.

What does the undergraduate advising hold mean?
Advising is a requirement at UTPB. We always want students to speak to an advisor before
enrolling or dropping a course.

Can you get advised on your classes before orientation?
You can only be advised before if you are a transfer student. If you are a freshman, you must
complete orientation first before advisement.

How many hours do we need for each subject that is required to complete our basics?
Your advisor will go over that with you when you meet. Programs are listed in the UTPB
catalog for your reference.

If we are planning on participating in the honors program, when do we need to make our decision by?
You can make that decision at your advising session.

How do I get registered for classes?
If you are a freshman, you will be contacted to set up an appointment after completing orientation. If you are a transfer student, you can enroll before completing the orientation program. Please reach out to advising at or 432-552-2661 if you have questions or need to schedule an appointment.

Your TSI scores tell you what classes you're going to qualify for?
Yes, it is a placement test. Please share your scores with us and we shall help you determine what courses you can sign up for

If I finished orientation, do I just wait for advising to contact me? or do I need to reach out for them? In order to register for my classes.
If you are coming in as a transfer student, you can reach out to Advising. If you are a freshman, advising will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

How do I find out what classes I can take because I didn’t take the TSI?
Please reach out to Academic Advising at to find out your options.

What if I don’t know what I want to major in?
Our advisors will help you figure out what major is suitable for you through some assessments and counseling during your advisement appointments.

How do the advisors know when to email us after the orientation?
Our orientation system tracks your completion of the program. The Advising office runs a report of completions every other day and they will contact students based on those reports.

I have not taken the TSI exam yet, but can I speak to an advisor to find out what subject to do?
You can reach to an advisor at any time, they will share with you the courses that constitute your degree plan, but they will only tell you what courses to start with after they have received and reviewed your TSI scores.

How do I contact an advisor?
Please email us at

Financial Aid & Accounting Questions

If I requested my housing fee to be covered by my Financial aid how long would that process take?
If you are using financial aid to pay the housing fee it will not be applied until aid is disbursed.

If my family needs to apply for a parent plus loan, are there any special steps to do that or just do it through FASFA?
Parents can apply for the Plus loan at If approved, you will need to complete
our Plus application that is available on our website on the financial aid page. If denied, please
contact our office at for further instructions.

If I have an outside scholarship will my financial aid be used first or the scholarship?
Scholarships are typically applied before financial aid, but it depends on the type of scholarship. We do not apply outside scholarships until we receive the payment; therefore, if your financial aid has already been disbursed it will be applied first.

Who do we contact for using the Hazelwood Act for military dependents?
You can contact the financial aid department at Applications are also available
on our website on the financial aid page/forms.

For financial aid is there a way to know if the financial aid might be less the following years?
Financial aid is awarded based on your FAFSA each year so it could change.

Is there a form online to fill out for a payment plan for tuition?
Payment plans are available online through your student portal. You can go to, my
finances, manage my finances, and enroll in payment plan.

Will outside scholarships I receive show up in my financial summary on my portal?
If the scholarships checks are made out to UTPB on your behalf those will be processed and
applied to your student account and will show as a third-party scholarship on your student
portal. The processing time on third party scholarships is roughly 7-10 business days.

How do we find out if we qualify for additional financial aid?
Reach out to Financial Aid Office at

I have an outside scholarship that is asking for information on where to send it to. What do I need to do or talk to?
4901 E University Blvd, Odessa, TX 79762, Attn: Office of Accounting. Make sure your student
ID # and the term intended are included.

I tried to accept scholarship awards, but it wouldn’t let me. Is there something I did wrong?
Students do not need to accept grants or scholarships. They are automatically accepted.

When will academic scholarships and instate tuition show on our portal?
If you have been awarded an academic scholarship and you do not see it on your portal, please
contact the financial aid department at Some of those have not been
awarded yet but we will be glad to check.

On the tuition it has an amount for transportation and personal and misc. Can you explain this?
Those are indirect costs of attending school. You are not billed by the school for these. Our
website includes a detailed explanation of tuition and fees.

Are the housing amounts and tuition amounts correct online?
The housing amounts are correct. Tuition amounts will be updated in the next 6 to 8 weeks
please continue to check the website for updates.

Will academic and athletic scholarships be automatically applied to tuition or does this need to be coordinated with a financial advisor?
Athletic and academic scholarships are automatically applied to tuition and fees. You do not
have to coordinate this with an officer. You should be able to see scholarships on your award
page once we get that information from admissions and the coaches. We sometime do not get
this information until a few weeks before classes begin.

Can you use a scholarship or part of your financial aid to pay for your housing bill?
Any scholarships or financial aid will be applied to the balance on your account, normally first to tuition and fees. If you have been awarded enough aid, some of it may be used for housing charges.

How can I get the fixed tuition rate?
You can find tuition information at If you need additional information you can contact

Who do we contact in order to see if we qualify for grands or scholarships?
You can contact

Can our financial aid go toward our books or do we have to pay it first?

My parents filled out an application for a parent plus loan and were approved.  They still need to send in the form to UTPB.  How long does that take to hear back on?
The form can be emailed to and you can also ask approximate processing time in your email. One of our loan officers will respond with 48 hours.

I filled out the master promissory note already, but I still have a hold on it still. It’s been three weeks since I’ve done it. Should I email accounting about it?
This is a checklist item not a hold. This will not prevent you from doing anything.  If you have already completed the MPN you can disregard the item.  Those will be cleared soon.

When do all financial aid and scholarships go into effect?

Can you please explain the eBook voucher?
Book voucher questions can be submitted to Or you can visit the accounting website for information

Will the finance department be open during move in for (a parent) to go in and pay tuition?
The Accounting Office will be open.  We are planning to be on our regular office time, Monday - Thursday 7:30 a..m. - 12 Noon, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. & 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Friday Accounting Office Hours.

I can't figure out how to find my course materials and how much the courses I am going to take will cost/semester.
If you go to the UTPB bookstore website at you can put in your courses and search the books that faculty have indicated are needed for these courses. More information about cost of attendance and tuition can be found at

I have a balance showing on my account, but I cannot find where the breakdown of costs is for the balance.
You can reach out to Student Accounts at for further assistance.

Housing Questions

Can freshmen get a four-person room? Is there a way to know who will be our roommates??
Yes, in the Residence and Dining Hall there are two housing options, a 4-person suite (single)
and a 2-person suite (double). You can indicate your preference when you complete your
application. You can also request roommates. Apply for UTPB housing.

Where is the housing application and when can it be accessed?
Apply for UTPB housing now via our website.

Could we get a virtual tour of the upperclassmen housing?
You can check out the UTPB virtual tour online. The video shows the apartments around the
2:30 mark.

Is there a housing fee? If so, how do I pay for that?
There is a $200 deposit. The housing deposit will be added to your account after you complete
the UTPB housing application. Once you see the $200 deposit fee on your account it can be

I sent my dorm deposit. When will I hear what dorm I am in and who my roommate is?
You will typically receive your housing and roommate assignment in mid-summer.

When is the earliest we will be able to move into on campus housing this fall?
Typically move in takes place the weekend before classes start for the fall but that may look
different with COVID-19. After applying for housing, Residence Life will reach out with more

Is there any information about residency for this fall semester?
No decisions have been made for the fall semester, but we encourage you to complete the UTPB
housing application if you want to live on campus. We will bring back students as soon as it is
safe to do so, and all that information will be communicated as soon as we have it.

Is there something special we need to do for housing if we have a student athlete?
The process is the same and each student will need to complete the housing application. If you
have a student athlete, your student has the option to identify the sport they are involved in on
the housing application. Please complete the UTPB housing application.

When does the $200 fee need to be paid?
Your application is not complete until your deposit is received. If you have questions/concerns about that please reach out to for assistance.

Will the move in sign-ups be posted soon?
The priority date for completing/updating your application is July 22. Once we get past that date, we will begin room assignments. Once assignments are made, we will send information about signing up for move-in.

Do you know how long we will have for move in?  Or when we will know the amount of time?
Details about move-in will be posted online once we complete room assignments and provide the link to sign up for move-in day.

On move in day are there carts/dollies to use?
We do not have carts dollies available during move-in.

Can you loft the bed in the freshman dorm?
There are limited loft kits available for beds in Residence and Dining Hall. Please make a request directly through the housing office.

Can a desk fit under the bed in the freshman dorm?
It can work only if the bed is lofted. If not, the desk would not fit under the bed.

Could we get measurements of how much clearance under the beds there are once raised at the highest point?
Please send an email to so they can get accurate information to you.

How come athletes can't chose which athletes in their sport to room with?
We are allowing athletes to work with their coach on those requests. Please reach out to your coach and housing will work with the coaches on athlete arrangements.

I am having difficulty with the housing application and meal plan, who can I contact?
Please email so we can troubleshoot this with you. It would be helpful if you can send a screenshot of the error message you see.

What if we are late on moving in? What will happen?
Move-in will be by appointment this year. If you are requesting to move in on another date, please reach out to Residence Life by emailing

If people already requested someone to be their roommate will they not be assigned to them anymore?
We will assign roommates by athletic group, majors, and interests. If requests made before the updates are with students that are in the same sport or interest, they will be considered.

I submitted my application successfully but wondered where I am at on the process, who do I contact?
If you submitted the application successfully, there is no need to email it to our office. If you want to check on the status of your application, you can email our office at

If you are a freshman athlete, will you for sure be in the freshman dorm or will you be grouped with the older athletes on your team?
At this time, freshmen will be living in the Residence Hall. If there are any changes, we will share that with the coaches and they will update you.

During move in with things be open on campus? Book store?
Yes, offices will be open to assist with business during move in. Detailed information, including hours, will be made available closer to the start of the semester.

When can I enter the house on campus?
General move-in is scheduled August 20-21. You will have to sign up for a move-in time. More information will come out about that process after assignments have been completed. You can find more housing updates online at

Will freshmen be allowed to take online classes and not have to live on campus?
Yes, you can take online courses as a freshman. There is not a housing requirement, but we have seen stronger success with freshmen who do live on-campus.

If our sport doesn't currently have a coach how can I request my teammates as roommates?
I would like to live on campus. How do we do with the student housing?  How much?
Find more information about applying and room types/rates at

What do freshman rooms include?
Usually a freshman residence hall has a twin bed, desk & chair, and dresser drawers for each person along with a closet with some storage space. Fully furnished and ready for move-in!

Is a full-length mirror provided in the residence hall?  Bathroom or bedroom?
Can you send the meal plan contract to housing after the application is completed?
If you want to change the meal plan you signed up for you can email and they can assist.

I have signed for a team, but still waiting to be accepted into the school. Will I know before the move in date of August 7th and 8th?
You would not be assigned to housing or permitted to move in until you are an admitted student and have completed the housing application.

What are the measurements for freshman rooms?
Please email and we can try to provide general information on the side of the room. We are unable to give window measurement sizes.

After we pay the deposit, what is the next step?
We are working to get all the updated information we have requested from students (deadline of July 22). Once we have that we will work on room assignments and will contact students about move-in once those are complete.

Will we get the roommates we requested if we are not athletes or in band, etc.?
We are accepting room requests. If the requests are mutual, and match the criteria posted, we will do our best to place students together.