inside a campus dorm with bed and decorations

Will on-campus housing be available?

Yes! We’re excited to welcome students back this fall and we have new protocols in place to minimize risks. They include:

  • Checklists, safety information, and COVID-19 support will be provided to each resident.
  • The occupancy standard for campus housing will be one student per bedroom and no more than two students per bathroom in a unit.
  • Residence Life staff will assign roommates based on athletic participation or academic discipline, utilizing the “pod” methodology for minimizing risks, contact, and for self-isolation.
  • While there will be self-isolation spaces on campus, if students are ill, they are encouraged to leave campus.
  • Common spaces (workout area, study rooms, TV spaces, and laundry rooms) will have reduced capacity and use social distancing guidelines. o These areas will undergo increased cleaning.
  • Move-in to campus will be extended over several days to allow for a system of scheduled check-in times to maintain distance and limit large groups. You can find a detailed explanation of housing policies and procedures here.

Will we have the option for no roommate?

We do not offer this option.

Will you be testing students before move-in to determine if they have antibodies or an active infection?

We will not be testing before move-in.

What is the sanitization schedule for dorms?

Common spaces will be cleaned more frequently this fall. Students should plan to keep their personal spaces sanitized and cleaned.

Do I need to send extra cleaning supplies for my student to sanitize their space?

It’s a good idea for each student to have supplies for themselves.

Will there be any barrier or shield between beds in dorm rooms?

Students will have their own bedrooms in our occupancy model for this fall.

If students are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms, will there be any checking to ensure it has met a sanitizing standard? Will deep cleaning be done at any point during the semester?


What happens if a student gets sick and is living in a residence hall?

If possible, the student should plan to return home for the period of their illness. If that is not possible, they can use one of the quarantine rooms we have set aside. The University will coordinate meal delivery and students can expect their student account to be charged for these meals. Students will receive a daily check in regarding their health.

If the university were to close, will housing be closed as well?

We do not anticipate housing closing this Fall, even if all classes move online. However, it’s possible that a state agency or other governing body could require us to close.

If someone within housing tests positive, and I feel it’s safer to bring my student home, will I still be charged tuition, room and board for the semester?

You have until August 15 to cancel the fall term at no additional fee. Beyond August 15, you are responsible for tuition and fees, including room and board.