• Name: ZenaidaGonzalez
  • Major: Political Science
  • Minor: Criminology
  • Classification: Senior
  • Company: Ector County Attorney’s Office
  • Internship role: Help paralegals with filing dispositions and any other tasks they or the 1st Assistant County Attorney need me to do.
  • Paid:  No

Was your internship required?

No, I voluntarily took a criminology course that required me to intern at an agency.

What have you learned from your internship experience?

I have learned how the plea bargaining process works and that you have to not only “think like a lawyer” but also think in the perspective of the victim, a police officer, or even the criminal.  Most importantly, I have learned that it is important to make connections with people as they will be able to help you in the future.

Were there any challenges that you overcame to do an internship?

No, I am grateful to Dr. Kiekbusch for providing me with the opportunity to intern at the Ector County Attorney’s Office.

Why should others consider an internship?

Students should certainly consider an internship as it will help them gain an insight help them decide if they actually wish to pursue that particular career. I personally see no negatives. Not only are students able to gain an insight in the career they wish to pursue, but they are meeting and creating relationships with people in the positions that can help them in the long run. Specifically, they are able to rely on their supervisors or “mentors” for advice.