Board Members and Committees

Board Members

Daniel Bright (BBA '09 & MBA '10) President
Kelby Davis (BA '09 & MPAL '14) Vice President
JP Garcia (BA '07 & MA '12) Treasurer
Kendra Self (BBA '11) Secretary


Laura Dominguez (BBA '14)
Iris Fierro-Riano (BS '08)
Bailey Ford (BS '12)
Doug Hildebrand (BA '97 & MPA '06)
J.Ross Lacy (BBA '10)
Ashton Munoz (BA '15)
Cassandra Wilcox (BBA '10 & MPA '13)
Matt Wood (BBA '10)



Homecoming and Alumni Banquet (JP Garcia, Chair)
This committee coordinates alumni Homecoming activities and plans the annual Falcon Alumni Network Banquet.


Application/Request for Funds (Iris Fierro-Riano, Chair)
This committee meets as needed to review applications for requests of alumni funding. The committee brings those requests back to the board for a vote to award funding.


Commencement (Kendra Self, Chair)
This committee helps organize items to be sold at commencement, such as flowers, mugs, license plate covers, etc. The committee members also work the commencements alongside other FAN volunteers to sell the items.


Community Relations (Ashton Munoz, Chair)
This committee runs FAN social media and captures pictures at events to post to social media. The committee works on relations in our community to pursue community partner opportunities and coordinates when we have representation at various events where FAN has a booth/table and promotional items.


Membership Committee (Kelby Davis, Chair)
This committee focuses on member relations including recruiting, follow up contact and member support.


Social Events Committee (Bailey Ford, Chair)
This committee plans social events to bring FAN members together for fellowship and networking.


Tailgating (Laura Dominguez, Chair)
This committee plans the tailgates for sporting/school events and has an active presence at the tailgates.


If you are interested in joining a committee, email