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The $37,000 donation will allow the STEM Academy to purchase 25 new laptops

UTPB STEM Academy students will soon have brand new laptops thanks to Atmos Energy. The laptops will be powerful enough to support software to teach students digital applications of animation, engineering, 3-d modeling, and other 21stcentury skills. 

Atmos CheckThis is an opportunity that aligns with the STEM curriculum and exposes students to possibilities they may not have known existed,” said Andrea Goodson, Atmos Energy Public Affairs Manager. “These laptops provide the tools to learn and grow their knowledge and experience in this field. 

The $37,000 donation will allow the STEM Academy to purchase 25 new laptops. Craig Goodson, a teacher at the STEM Academy, played an integral role in getting this donation. He said the software programs will give students a head start in STEM-related fields as they move toward college. 

Everyone at STEM is excited about the opportunities that these new machines are going to give our students.  The impact these computers can have on our school is only limited by the imaginationAtmos Check Presentation Media of the teachers. 

As for Atmos Energy, Andrea added they hope to continue to partner with the STEM Academy and the University in an effort to grow the workforce in our community.  

Education is the cornerstone to being successful in life and is an integral part of our Fueling Safe and Thriving Communities initiativeEnsuring students are exposed to opportunities that will benefit them in their future, but also our communities and our workforce is critical. When these students graduate, they will have an advantage over other students entering college. The students will become highly competitive in the future workforce and sought after by companies like Atmos Energy.”