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UTeach Permian Basin is aimed at dramatically improving classroom instruction and academic outcomes in the STEM fields for K-12 schools

The University of Texas Permian Basin is pleased to announce a new partnership with UTeacha program that recruits and trains STEM majors for the teaching fieldUTeach Permian Basin will be housed in the College of Education at UTPB. The purpose of this prestigious program is to prepare highly qualified science and mathematics teachers according to the UTeach model developed at The University of Texas at Austin. UTeach Permian Basin has been made possible thanks to generous $1.9 million investment from the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP).   

Proficiency in STEM subjects is crucial to advancing economic opportunity and success in the workforce, particularly in our industry, and we recognize we are facing a shortage of teachers to nurture a passion for these subjects in our students. The UTeach program strengthens the regional pipeline of STEM teachers while providing a sustainable program model for other institutions of higher learning across the region,” said Tracee Bentley, president and CEO of the PSP. 


A key component of the UTeach program is the paid internship. Students who enter the UTeach Permian Basin program will complete a bachelor’s degree in a science or mathematics field in four years while simultaneously earning a secondary teacher certification. The program is streamlined, and the curriculum is designed specifically for future science and math teachers.   

“We are excited to add UT Permian Basin to the growing national network of UTeach programs at 49 universities across the U.S. and to the expansion of the national recognized UTeach program into West Texas,” said said Kimberly Hughes, UTeach Institute Director. “This program will address a critical need to provide excellent STEM teachers for the students in the Permian Basin. 

 The UTeach program has the potential to produce many more STEM teachers each year, effectively doubling the number of STEM teachers in our region annually and having an even broader impact through professional development, coaching and the modeling of best practices in the classroom 

uteach-permian-basin-press-event.jpgThe need for STEM teachers in the classroom at all levels is growing rapidly. UTeach helps future teachers develop the tools and skills they need to bring innovative, project-based learning to schools. Participation in UTeach Permian Basin includes specialized advising and mentorship. Graduates are highly sought-after in school systems across the country.   

 “The College of Education deeply appreciates the vision that the PSP and UTeach have for preparing STEM teachers in the Permian Basin.  This grant will be a game-changer in UTPB’s ability to prepare the next generation of math and science teachers who are ready for the realities of today’s classroom and focused on helping our local students be fully ready to enter college and the STEM-related job market,” said Dr. Larry Daniel, UT Permian Basin’s College of Education Dean.

“We know UTeach graduates produce high-performing students. This partnership with UTPB to bring the UTeach model to the Permian Basin will benefit our educators and students for years to come, while also elevating the profile of our educational environment. We are excited to see this project come to fruition,” added Bentley.