Engineering professors in lab
National Engineers Week is intended to show how engineers make a difference in our world and raise awareness for this field of study

UT Permian Basin's College of Engineering invites you to participate in the Engineers Week Celebrations! Below are the dates, times, and topics for this week’s presentations (Monday, February 21- Friday, February 25). We invite you to join us in person or via Microsoft Teams (please click on the links embedded in the meeting times).

 Monday 2/21:

10am - 11am: Cathy Norwood and Margo McClinton Present: “Licensure And Being A Professional Engineer” in room 1.212

11am – 11:50am: Dr. Dai Presents: “Make Solar Energy Economical” in room 1.200 (Lecture Hall)

Noon – 12:45pm: Dr. Jamali and Dr. Hosseini Panel Discussion entitled “Learning How To Learn” in room 1.103 

Tuesday 2/22:

11am – noon: Dr. Rajat Presents: “Utilization of Nuclear Science Beyond Power and Terror – Medical Physics” *Zoom Only*

11am – 12:15pm : Dr. Xu Presents: “Engineer Better Medicine” in room 3.214

Wednesday 2/23:

10am – 10:50am: Mr. Ortiz Presents: Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure in room 1.212 

11am – 11:50am: FBI Agents Kelly Kaderka, Sergio Barrio, and Tomas Armendariz present: “Security In The Cyber World” in room 1.103

Noon – 1pm: Dr. Kwofie Presents: “Advance Health Informatics” in room 1.200 (Lecture Hall)

12:30pm to 1:45pm: Mr. Kamran Adil Presents: “Using Virtual Reality” in room 3.212. 

Thursday 2/24:

9am – 9:30am: Dr. Flocker Presents: “Engineer The Tools of Scientific Discovery” in room 1.103

11am – 12:15pm: Dr. Ballard Presents: “Reverse Engineering The Brain” in room 3.212

11am – 12:15pm: Emma Eickoff and Steven Flemming Presents: “Provide Access To Clean Water” in room 2.103

Noon – 1pm: Dr. Koneru Presents: “Managing Nitrogen Cycle” in room 3.103

 Friday 2/25:

11am – noon: Dr. Shedd Presents: “Develop Carbon Sequestration Methods” in room 1.212

Please be aware there may be some additional presentations announced. ALL presentations will also be available to join via Teams unless noted otherwise. The teams meetings will be recorded.