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The membership program is now available to all students.
New and exciting opportunities are underway here at UT Permian Basin! Students, staff, and faculty now have access to a campus-wide exclusive Wall Street Journal membership subscription. For students coming in Fall 2022, they get access as soon as they have their UTPB email up and running.

This opportunity was made possible thanks to the College of Business and the J. Conrad Dunagan Library.

“The College of Business is thrilled to help bring this opportunity to the entire UTPB community,” said Dr. Beach, Dean of the College of Business. “Of course, we have to give a special thanks to the UTPB Library for funding this opportunity. This access to WSJ provides dramatic savings for those who already know that they want this information and an outstanding way for others to become more engaged with the world around them.”

Since 1889, The Wall Street Journal has been a global source for world news while providing information through the lens of business, finance, economics, money and politics. Today, the unveiling of the WSJ University Membership Program provides institutions a simple way to deliver individual WSJ digital memberships while offering university-wide access to curated content and access to a variety of resources. For Dr. Beach, this is an opportunity worth investing in.

“All students, faculty, and staff can have a digital Wall Street Journal subscription while attending or working at UTPB! It is provided through the WSJ app, and most people will access it through their cell phone or iPad or computer. The University is offering this for at least five years, so anyone starting school with us will know they will have it throughout their studies. In addition, students get big discounts on the subscription after graduation.”

While this offer isn’t only limited to the business aspect, UTPB College of Business students can greatly benefit from this. For Dr. Beach, the goal is simple: to help students engage with the business world and prepare them to communicate about the economy and industry.

“The College of Business is constantly looking for ways to enhance the value for its students,” Beach added. “I was attending a conference for business deans and the Wall Street Journal team at the conference shared information about the program. I was interested and looked to see if the college had the resources to pay for this. I reached out to Sophia Kaane, Director of Library Services at UTPB, and they happened to have some funds available to provide this tool for the whole university. What a stroke of luck and my thanks goes out to Dr. Kaane and the library for supporting this initiative.” The WSJ membership allows students to do company research, follow comprehensive global news, advance their career with articles on job prep, receive newsletters and much more. Some of these tools and features include:

  • Curated Newsletters: Personalized membership with daily and weekly newsletters delivered straight to your inbox. Get highlights, summaries and updates on the stories that matter to you.
  • Mobile and Tablet Apps: With enhanced markets data, video, rich graphics and more, our newly reimagined iOS app and streamlined Android app keeps you informed on the move.
  • WSJ Videos: Watch tech, markets, arts and lifestyle coverage come to life, and get daily news updates, opinions and analysis from top Journal editors.
  • WSJ+: Our complimentary member benefits program gives you access to a range of exclusive offers, experiences and events, including talks with newsmakers and top WSJ journalists.
  • Podcasts: Connect to essential news and analysis at any time with engaging interviews and discussions from WSJ podcasts.

Along with these features, professors can also utilize these benefits through gaining member-exclusive access to teaching tools and classroom-focused resources. This allows faculty to easily integrate timely and relevant WSJ content into their lesson plans and curriculum.

The process to sign up online is simple by going to to activate an account. The link only works for people currently enrolled at UTPB.

To learn more about the WSJ membership program, visit