Garrett Tatum posed in front of the engineering building
Tatum will graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering in December.
Senior engineering student, Garrett Tatum, said the College of Engineering has given him the tools he needs for his internship and new job.

Garrett Tatum playing baseball at UTPB“The UTPB Department of Petroleum Engineering did a phenomenal job of ensuring I had the proper knowledge to be successful,” Tatum said. “My production engineering class supplied the required background knowledge of surface equipment and downhole applications of that equipment.”

Tatum said he is excited to announce he will continue full time with Mewbourne Oil Company who hired him as an intern during his time at UTPB.

“Mewbourne is currently one of the most active private oil companies in the U.S. right now,” Tatum said. “They value their employees as well as their engineer’s field time, which ensures we become the best assets and people we can be.”

While at UTPB, Tatum played baseball from 2018 to 2021; he then decided to focus on becoming an engineer for his last few semesters of school. He has also been involved in the American Association of Drilling Engineers and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Tatum said he would encourage students who are interested in petroleum engineering to getGarrett Tatum during his internship their degree from UTPB.

“UTPB is blessed with its proximity to the oil and gas industry unlike other engineering schools. The benefit of this proximity is the ability to take what is learned in class and see it in your everyday life.”

Tatum will graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering in December.

“I am grateful for the petroleum engineering department at UTPB and the avenue they provided me. I am extremely excited and proud to work for Mewbourne Oil Company when I graduate in December.”