Professors with graduate with cap and gown
We have a 100% pass rate on the reading specialist certification exam!

Are you a classroom teacher that wants to help your students grow as readers?

Our Master's in Literacy program (100% online) will equip you with the tools you need to become an even better teacher. You will gain specialized skills to assess students' reading abilities, create intervention plans, stay current on literacy trends and become a literacy leader on your campus. During your time in our program will have opportunities to meet with other like-minded educators from across the state and country as you work your way through the program. 

We also offer a Texas Reading Specialist Certification. After completing the program, candidates may take a state certification exam to earn the reading specialist certification.

Currently, we have a 100% pass rate on the certification exam.

And did we mention that our program is only one of 7 in the nation to currently be recognized by the International Literacy Association (ILA)! ILA is a professional literacy organization that spans over 128 countries. ILA "advocates for children's rights to read and to excellent literacy instruction in reading, writing, communicating, and critical thinking" (ILA website).

For our program to receive national recognition from ILA, our program went through a rigorous review process to ensure we adhere to a set of standards for preparing literacy professionals. The seal of approval that we received from ILA sets us apart from others in that it shows we meet and, in some areas, exceed ILA's high standards of excellence. 

Please contact Dr. Tara Wilson, or Dr. Shelly Landreth, in the College of Education for more information and/or to set up a degree plan.