Order of Engineer/ Engineering Students who were inducted posed for a picture
There were 27 students initiated recently in the presence of many of their family, friends, and faculty members.
Recently, UTPB’s College of Engineering hosted it’s 10th Order of the Engineer Ceremony for students and faculty at the engineering building.

Student holding the obligation paper read during the ceremonyThe Order of the Engineer is an independent organization started by a group of engineers in Ohio in 1966. Faculty member, Ahmed Alzahabi said the organization was created to foster a feeling of pride and dedication to the engineering profession.

“The Order of the Engineer is a national organization whose purpose is to foster a spirit of pride, individual integrity, and responsibility in the engineering profession,” Alzahabi said. “It promotes ethics and professionalism in the practice of engineering and bridges the gap between education and practice.”

The ceremony includes the placing of a stainless-steel ring on the small finger of his or her working hand symbolizing strength and unity of the profession and providing an identifying mark of an engineer. It is also a reminder to the engineers of their obligation to society which is to ‘uphold the standards and dignity of the engineering profession and to serve humanity by making the best use of earth’s precious and limited resources.’Male student receiving ring at ceremony

“Inductees are encouraged to wear the ring and to display the signed obligation certificate as a visible reminder of the publicly accepted obligation as a contract to themselves,” Alzahabi said.

There were 27 students initiated in the presence of many of their family, friends, and faculty members. Membership is voluntary and open to seniors and graduate students enrolled in ABET-accredited engineering programs.

Petroleum engineering graduate, John Evans, was among those initiated at the ceremony in December. He said being inducted was something he will be proud of forever.

“It was a privilege to be inducted into the Order of the Engineer organization,” Evans said. “It was even more of an honor because one of my professors, Dr. Alzahabi performed the ceremony with immense pride.”

Alzahabi said this ceremony is important for UTPB’s engineering students for many reasons.

Female student receiving her ring at ceremony“In the academic and educational setting, recognizing and honoring students for completing an engineering degree is important. Celebrating student success and building relationships go hand-in-hand,” Alzahabi said. “The Order of the Engineer ceremony is pivotal in a student’s life and serves as a transition to practical life.”

Evans said he knows he received a world class education that has prepared him to be an engineer in the corporate sector.

“I am so grateful for my experience at UTPB’s College of Engineering,” Evans said. “There is no playwright who could have written a better script to enhance my experience at UTPB.”