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“I encourage students to get involved in research because it helps develop vital attributes such as writing, planning, and confidence.”

UTPB MBA graduate student Madison Valverde recently had the opportunity to present her research paper at a high-level conference in Houston, Texas.

Madison’s research paper was accepted into the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators (ACME) 2023 conference. ACME is an established academic marketing conference with a collegial atmosphere for professional development, networking, and collaboration. Every year, the conference invites faculty, students, and business practitioners to present their work. 

Her research was titled, Mentoring: Antecedents and Consequences, Applications in a Sales Marketing Career. Among those assisting her with the research were UTPB MBA student Linda Chepkemboi and Dr. Anshu Saran.  

“Essentially, my co-authors Dr. Anshu Saran, Linda Chepkemboi, and I are attempting to research and identify factors essential to effective mentorship programs in a sales/marketing position. After identifying factors that enhanced effective mentorship relationships, we sat down with individuals with relevant backgrounds, such as Sales Managers, Business Professors, and business students, intending to research how to operationalize identified factors from the literary study,” she explains. 

Madison and her co-authors spent about 6-10 hours a week on this research study.  

“The beginning of our research entailed a thorough literary study of mentorship and what it involves—reading and gathering relevant literature to identify factors essential to mentorship. After identifying three of the most common factors amongst the literature, we spent about a month gathering and interviewing individuals with relevant backgrounds. Right now, we are in the final stages of completing the paper, which includes the actual write-up of the components of the study.” 

This opportunity allowed Madison to present at a conference-level for the first time.  

“Before presenting our research, I was very nervous because this would be my first presentation in front of professionals and experts in their fields. I wasn't sure how strict they would be during the Q&A portion of my presentation, but after sitting in for a few presentations scheduled before mine, I realized that everyone there wasn't looking to tear apart our work; it was the opposite. The professors in the room treated me with respect and as an equal. Following my presentation, a few of the attendees congratulated me on our work and for being accepted into the conference.” 

Madison encourages students to get involved in research because it helps develop vital attributes such as writing, planning, and confidence. “One of the issues I have seen among classmates and recent graduates are that they need to be more confident in what they know and are capable of. The opportunity to do my research and become familiar with the processes has dramatically enhanced my confidence,” she says. 

Lastly, she advises students to get involved in research on campus.  

“Learning how to complete a research study can be a very daunting and difficult task but my supervisor always assured me that we were learning and that it would not always look pretty. Learning can be a messy process, but my supervisor Dr. Saran and co-author Linda reassured me that I was on the right path and redirected me when needed!” 


She is set to graduate this Spring with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Marketing concentration.  

Congrats, Madison!