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Here is a look back at the College of Engineering's top 5 moments of 2023!

From the Order of the Engineer Ceremonies, to a software donation, and senior design projects, the College of Engineering had a great year! Here is a look back at our top 5 moments of 2023.


1. UTPB Celebrates 50th Anniversary

We kicked off our celebration of the 50th anniversary this year and are excited to continue the celebration through 2024.

50th anniversary kickoff event


2. $3.8 Million Software Donation

Petroleum experts donated $3.8 million in software to the College of Engineering to enhance student learning of oil and gas production. 

students using software


3. Order of the Engineer Ceremony 

During the Spring Order of the Engineer Ceremony 22 students were initiated, and during the Fall ceremony 21 mechanical and petroleum engineering students were initiated. The Order of the Engineer is a national organization fostering a spirit of pride and responsibility for those entering the profession. 

order of the engineer ceremony


4. Senior Design Projects

Students successfully completed senior design projects, including an automatic dog feeder, multipurpose valve, and more! 

students smile with senior design project


5. Hughes Drill Bit Donation

A Permian Basin family gifted the College of Engineering an original twin-cone rotary rock drill bit that has been used to drill oil wells! The drill bit costs $3,500, weighs 78 pounds, and is still in working condition.  

 hughes drill bit