College of engineering building
UTPB's Petroleum Engineering Program was ranked eighth worldwide and sixth nationwide based on undergraduate enrollment.

The Petroleum Engineering Program at UTPB has been ranked eighth worldwide based on undergraduate enrollment and sixth nationwide, according to an article published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology.

Associate Professor and Department Coordinator of the Petroleum Engineering Program, Dr. Ahmed Kamel, said news of the ranking is exciting.

“Lots of opportunities are here, so students want to get their degree from here so they can get a job here,” said Dr. Kamel. 

“Also, they can work in the oil and gas industry and gain both money and experience while studying.”

UTPB’s Petroleum Engineering Program’s undergraduate enrollment was ranked ahead of Louisiana State University and The University of Oklahoma.

“To have our name amongst these big names helps us with recruitment, recognition,” said Dr. Kamel.  

According to JPT, there was a 13% increase in freshman and sophomore students, due to high demand in the industry.       

Dr. Kamel says petroleum engineering enrollment is linked to the volatility of the oil and gas industry.

“Oil companies are here and they need people who are familiar with the area and are willing to stay here and work,” said Dr. Kamel.