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This conference had over 400 participants from 60 different countries!
UTPB’s College of Education Assistant Professor of Bilingual and ESL, Dr. Amin Davoodi, hosted the first-ever virtual Technology-Enhanced Language Learning International Conference (TELLIC).

Dr. Davoodi has participated in multiple technology-focused research studies that incorporate robotics and artificial intelligence into language learning experiences in the classroom. Because of his expertise in the field, Davoodi teamed up with other colleagues from universities around the world to host the TELLIC conference. The team worked together on creating a free platform for researchers, teachers, and students to access the conference.

“Recognizing the costs of conferences and the financial and logistical barriers faced by many international scholars, we aimed to create a platform that was both accessible and inclusive,” explained Davoodi. 
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The TELLIC conference featured four keynote speeches and two workshops that were led by experts in the field of technology-enhanced language education.

“This conference had over 400 participants from 60 different countries! The event was a huge success,” said Dr. Davoodi.

Several UTPB students attended the TELLIC conference as well. The conference was a great opportunity for them to learn how to incorporate technology in both teaching and learning methods.

Dr. Davoodi’s amazing work does not stop there. He was also invited to serve as a keynote speaker at the ElliCon conference. ElliiCon is an annual event organized by Ellii, an organization dedicated to equipping ESL and EFL educators worldwide with valuable resources. His presentation drew an audience of 400 participants.

“I felt incredibly privileged to have been extended an invitation by ElliiCon to serve as a keynote speaker, where I had the opportunity to present my research on ‘Practical Strategies for Empowering Language Learning through Humanistic Approaches to Technology and AI: Fostering Compassionate Educators.”

Dr. Davoodi also shared some words of advice for UTPB students who are interested in expanding their knowledge to learn another language.

“I just want to remind everyone that it is never late to learn another language. There is invaluable joy in communicating with somebody in their native language and as Nelson Mandela said ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.’”