Clark Moreland sitting in the Heimmermann Center
“I believe that the greatest joy in life, as Dr. King said, comes from serving others with a ‘heart full of grace’ and ‘a soul generated by love.’ I get to do that every day when I come to work. I have the best job.” – Clark Moreland

Tucked away on the second floor of the Mesa Building, is the Heimmermann Center for Engaged Teaching. The center opened in the Spring of 2020, and has been utilized as an incubator for progress on our campus ever since.

The newly renovated workspace was founded on the principle of promoting student success through faculty and staff at UTPB. It exists as a midpoint for them to develop and implement impactful learning practices.

The Heimmermann Center is named after former UTPB Provost Dan Heimmermann, who was a driving force in its establishment.

The center is committed to supporting professional development, hosting strategy workshops, and mentoring faculty and staff across our campus, amongst a variety of other positive quests. They do this all with a purpose; creating a warm and welcoming home for future generations of faculty at UTPB.


Behind the noble initiative, is third generation UTPB alumnus and Lecturer of English, Clark Moreland. Moreland has been teaching at UTPB for 18 years, having graduated from UTPB twice, with a bachelors and masters degree in English. He teaches first-year students how to write for their academic and professional futures. Where his passion really lies though, is teaching students about old books. 

Moreland says his love for UTPB began with the faculty, as they gave him the “gift of belonging.” It’s a gift he aims to give back to his now colleagues.

Ironically, Moreland began his career as a teacher, with no desire to teach. What may have come as a surprise, even if only to himself, is that he would soon conquer the role due to his eager sense for sharing knowledge. Moreland says leading the Heimmermann Center makes him feel fortunate, motivated, and grateful. Moreland, along with the faculty and staff he supports, are dedicated to going the extra mile to help students succeed at UTPB.