Duck pond
The first duck pond at UTPB was built in 1972.

Located behind the UTPB gym, the three duck ponds are a calm and inviting place to visit. They have been a staple on our campus for years, offering a refreshing escape for community members.

Duck Pond

The first duck pond at UTPB was built in 1972. By 1974 there were three duck ponds, a paved parking area, roofed area, and picnic tables.

According to an old newspaper article found in Falcon Commons, the money used for the first two duck ponds and facilities came from state funds.

The first duck pond was built at the site of what used to be an abandoned cattle tank belonging to the McKnight Ranch. A community member donated the first few ducks.

Duck Pond

Over time, more flew in and others were added. At one point there was even an expanding population of goldfish!  Now the three ponds are mainly home to ducks and turtles.

We are grateful to have the ponds to enjoy on our campus, they serve as a nice break from the busyness of our daily lives.