What is Honorlock?

Honorlock is an online remote proctoring service that allows students to take exams remotely. When the nature of the course or instruction makes online proctoring a necessity, your instructor may require you to take exams through Honorlock.

What are the Minimum Computer Requirements to use Honorlock?

If your instructor approves the delivery of exams through Honorlock for your course, prior to taking your exam, you need to make sure you are meeting the following requirements:

  • A laptop or a desktop computer (cannot be a tablet, ipad or phone). Minimum operating system: Windows 10, MacOSX 10.13+, or Chrome OS. 
  • A single monitor (not a double monitor)
  • A webcam & microphone - most laptops have microphone and camera integrated.
  • A photo ID (a government issued ID, school ID, passport)
  • Google Chrome browser (download Google Chrome)
  • The Honorlock Chrome Extension (download Chrome extension)
  • A stable, reliable internet connection (Speed: 1.5 Mbps download, 750 Kbps upload)
  • A quiet and bright location to take a proctored exam
  • Students can run a system requirement check by going to the Honorlock Support page. Scroll down until you see "Simple Single-Click Test".

How can I get started using Honorlock?

When you are ready to test:

  • Using Chrome browser, login to Canvas, go to your Course Homepage, click on the Exam you wish to take. If you haven’t already, you will then be prompted to add the Chrome extension. Then click on Begin exam.
  • Clicking "Launch Proctoring" will begin the Honorlock authentication process.
  • Once you click on “BEGIN”, your exam session will start recording and the exam time starts counting down.
  • Once you submit your exam, your session ends and your exam attempt is noted in Blackboard
  • From there, your instructor can assess your work and, if needed, view the results of proctored sessions.
  • Honorlock concludes proctoring activities on your browser when you exit the exam.
  • You then can opt to disable or remove the Honorlock extension.
  • A live proctor will only pop-in if students encounter an issue during an exam session. Honorlock proctors take the time to look at the exam before they pause it and jump-in. They will only pause the exam and jump-in if the student is doing something they should not be doing.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for my exam with Honorlock?

No. You can take your exam anytime during the exam window set by your instructor and do not have to pre-schedule an appointment through Honorlock.

Is there a fee for students?

No. Honorlock proctoring service is being offered at no cost to students.

Can I get a chance to practice this before taking my exam?

Yes. A Practice Test should have been created by your instructor within every exam course for you to test out the technology. Please check with your instructor if you did not see a Practice Test available.

What do I need to know before taking my exam with Honorlock?

It is your responsibility to ensure your computer is charged and has a good, reliable internet connection. You can check your system at Honorlock Minimum System Requirements (scroll down to the bottom until you see a Simple Single-Click Test). Make sure you use Google Chrome when you log in to take your test. You should take your exam at a desk/table (not a bed or couch), and in a quiet private location to limit potential flags and distractions.

What about cell phones?

A cell phone is not allowed. While a student is testing, Honorlock’s platform detects the use of secondary devices. Before you start the exam, you should turn off and put away any unused devices (out of reach).

Can I wear a mask during my exam?

Yes. Students are allowed to wear a face mask during the exam. Please note: Due to mandatory face mask policy, students taking Honorlock exam on campus (i.e. at Founders Brazos Lab / library /cafeteria etc.) should capture their photo with their face mask ON during the photo authentication step. Students should NOT remove their face mask for any reason during the entire exam duration when testing in a public location.

Do I have to download a software in order to use Honorlock?

No. Proctoring with Honorlock is 100% browser-based. However, you should log in using Google Chrome and install the Honorlock Chrome Extension prior to taking your exam.

How do I enable cookies on my Google Chrome (Mac)?

  • Open Chrome preferences and click on Settings, then Show Advanced Settings
  • Under Privacy, click on Content Settings
  • Make sure "Block third-party cookies and site data" is not checked
  • If your browser is not listed above, please refer to your browser’s help pages
  • You may need to restart your browser to proceed

Do I need a photo ID to test?

Yes. Honorlock will verify the photo and name on your ID to ensure you are the correct test taker.

What forms of IDs are acceptable?

You can use any government issued ID (i.e. Driver’s License, Passport) or a UTD student ID (Comet Card) that has your photo. If you do not have a government issued ID, please notify your instructor if an exception can be made to allow you to use other types of photo IDs.

I am using a desktop computer that cannot easily move around my webcam for the room scan, what can I do to show my testing environment is secure?

There are different options you can make here: one suggestion is to put a mirror behind you to show that there’s nothing on your desk during the exam. The other option is to plug in a separate USB camera and place it in a location where the exam space is more clearly visible.

How do I submit my written responses as a pdf to my exam?

This can be done by utilizing a third party application on your cell phone or by simply taking photos of your work to email yourself, then uploading them into eLearning. Please do your best to remain within the camera at all times to ensure you are not flagged.

How do I take a Third Party exam (MyMathLab, Pearson McGraw Hill etc.), do you have a video that I can watch?

Yes. Please CLICK HERE for the video.

Do I need a password to access my exam?

No. Passwords are not required for Honorlock tests.

What should I do if a test is asking for a password?

No passwords are required for Honorlock tests. If you are being prompted for a password, most likely you are not logged in using Google Chrome browser, or did not have the Honorlock Chrome extension which must be added prior to the exam. If not, you should shut down/reboot your computer and make sure you have enabled cookies and cleared caches on your Google Chrome browser. If that still doesn’t work, we recommend you to create a NEW PROFILE of Chrome and then accessing the test from the new Chrome profile. When you create a new profile of Chrome you are going back to the default settings and you have a fresh Browser with no other extensions or adblockers, etc.

What happens if I experience technical difficulties during my exam?

If the internet is disconnected, once restored, you will be required to re-authenticate yourself (to verify it is still you re-entering the exam) and will be able to continue as before. Students are encouraged to use the Live Chat function which is visible within the exam screen – Honorlock support agents are just a click away. Please note: your timer will NOT stop or pause if you initiate the Live Chat support utility.

What if something happens outside of my control or the system flags something that isn’t a violation?

Honorlock uses a combination of AI technology and human proctors. If your roommate/child, etc. walks into the room unannounced or some other perceived disruption, the live virtual proctor will pop in to assess the situation, make sure there isn’t an academic violation, and help you get back on track with your exam.

Can I take bathroom breaks during the exam?

No. Please use the bathroom prior to taking your exam. If you need to take a bathroom break during the exam due to any reason (medical, etc.), you should notify your instructor ahead of time (prior to the exam) so that this instruction is provided to the Honorlock Proctors, or it will be flagged as a violation.

I need to use the natural reader app to read what’s on the screen to me, or I use job access with speech or JAWS. Will Honorlock be compatible with my adaptive technology? Will it work with these?

Yes. Students can use screen readers during their exams.

Who should I contact if an Honorlock proctor interrupts my test when I am trying to use one of my accommodations and has an objection to it for example I may need to access my phone to check my blood sugar?

We recommend your instructor puts a note in the “Accommodations” field in eLearning that this is a possibility, but if not Honorlock proctor will simply ask the student to remove their phone from the environment. The student can then respond and let the proctor know of the medical condition. Honorlock proctor will simply put a note in the report for the instructor and then let the student resume.

What happens if I look away or don’t maintain constant eye contact on the screen?

A proctor may drop in to check on you, but this is only if you look away for an extended period of time. Your exam will NOT be discontinued because of your use of resources.

What should I do if I have questions regarding exam materials allowed for my exam?

Your instructor provides Honorlock with your exam parameters (i.e. open book, eBook, calculator, etc.), so they will have that information prior to your exam. If you have questions about materials allowed for your exam, you must contact your instructor directly (prior to beginning your exam). The instructions given to the Honorlock Proctors for each exam will be dictated by what each instructor individually allows.

What actions might trigger a proctor pop in?

Honorlock AI system is built to ensure that you keep your focus on your exam without any external distractions. You may trigger a live proctor pop in due to insufficient lighting, background noise, or an incomplete room scan. Once a proctor has popped in, this will temporarily block the view of the exam while the proctor works with you to follow the exam guidelines or adjust environment conditions for better capturing purposes. The proctor will be able to resume the exam for you once their session is over.

Can students take exams on public wifi?

Students can use public wifi, but it is not recommended. As public networks are generally not as reliable as private networks.

Does Honorlock Access my entire Wi-Fi Network?

No. Honorlock does not have any access to your network or any devices connected to your network. Please review Honorlock’s Student Privacy for more information.

Does Honorlock monitor my entire network?

No. Honorlock does not scan or monitor a student’s device or network or monitor data from other devices connected to the network. During the exam, Honorlock can detect secondary devices, such as phones. Because the browser extension does not get installed onto secondary devices, Honorlock cannot procure data from those devices, nor can it capture web traffic from other devices on the student’s network at the time of the exam.

Does Honorlock detect someone photographing the screen?

If someone attempts to photograph the screen, since they are recorded by webcam, you would see this action taking place.

How does Honorlock protect my data and privacy?

Honorlock has satisfied the requirements of the Information Security Office vendor assessment, agreed contractually to comply with FERPA, and uses encryption methods to protect Internet connections. Honorlock collects certain data elements from your computer which are necessary to perform proctoring services, but Honorlock does not have the ability to access your entire personal network. The use of the Google Chrome Extension limits access to operations provided by your browser during the period of time you are engaging in a proctored test. UT System Administration and UT Permian Basin are not aware of material weaknesses in Honorlock’s security that would allow a third-party hacker to access information about students.

Does Honorlock sell my student information to third parties?

No. Honorlock’s agreement with the University does not permit selling student information to third parties.

Can I opt out during the exam session?

No. As would be the case if your instructor proctored an in-class exam, students cannot opt out of the proctoring process.

Does Honorlock determine who is cheating?

No. Honorlock simply reports possible incidents to your instructor. By taking a UTPB Online Proctored assignment or exam, you agree to comply with the General Academic and Research Policies, which expressly prohibits Scholastic Dishonesty. 

What about accessibility and students with special needs?

Honorlock is VPAT certified and fully accessible to students with special needs. Additionally, Honorlock works with screen readers if needed.

Can I have a checklist for my exam day prep?

Yes! Here is a checklist you should complete BEFORE sitting down to take your exam:

  • Make sure you have any extra instructions about exam from professor
  • Make sure you have a working webcam & microphone (most laptops have microphone and camera integrated)
  • Install Google Chrome, if not already installed on your computer (download Google Chrome)
  • Install Honorlock Google Chrome extension (download Chrome extension)
  • Complete the Practice Test within Blackboard in your Course Homepage
  • Have your UT Permian Basin Student ID Card or a Government issued Photo ID handy
  • Take the exam at a desk or table (not a bed or couch)
  • Take the exam in a well-lit room, but avoid backlighting (such as sitting with your back to a window)
  • Remove all tablets, hats, hoods, and shades
  • Ensure you're in a location where you won't be interrupted
  • Complete a network speed test during the practice exam startup. (scroll down to the end until you see “Simple Single-Click Test)
  • Turn off all other devices (phones, smart watches) and place outside of your reach
  • Clear your desk or workspace of all external materials not permitted - books, papers, other devices (this is not including approved notes and books specified by professor)
  • Remain at your computer for the duration of the test. Use bathroom prior to sitting down to take your exam.
  • Ensure your computer or device is on a firm surface. Do NOT have the computer on your lap, a bed, or other surface where the device (or you) are likely to move
  • For built-in webcam, avoid readjusting the screen after the webcam setup is complete
  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged before your exam