Students listening to a teacher in an auditorium style classroom

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Academic Continuity Plan

March 22, 2020


Dear UT Permian Basin Students,

In order to maintain your academic progress, the University has developed and has engaged an Academic Continuity Plan.  Accordingly, we have shifted all face-to-face classes to online courses.  During the past week, faculty have been converting all face-to-face undergraduate and graduate courses to online classes with the assistance of the Office of Online Learning – FalconOnline. We have a comprehensive list of people you may need to contact if you have challenges with your transition.

Additionally, our academic support services team in the Student Success Center Student Success Center has bolstered its efforts to ensure that you continue to receive the high-quality academic support (academic advising, supplemental instruction, tutoring, testing, etc.) you may need during this extraordinary time.

Regarding your classes, all undergraduate and graduate courses have been converted to online and all classes continue/resume on Monday, March 23, 2020.  Students may access their classes via the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

If able, students are expected to log in to Canvas daily to access their course material and assignments. Additionally, students will receive direct communication from their instructors via UTPB email. Along with frequent logins to Canvas, students should monitor their UTPB email frequently as well as the UTPB webpage and other University media outlets for updates about their courses and changing conditions that may affect the University and its operations.

We understand that student access to digital resources and technology may be limited. Students with technology challenges should inform their instructors of these issues as soon as possible. Along with bringing your technology concerns to our Information Resource Division (IRD), faculty will accommodate students in a variety of ways. Your safety and academic progress are paramount, and faculty may adjust assignments and due dates to reflect changing conditions to mitigate the adverse impact the current situation has on your academic progress.

In order to assist you in meeting academic challenges, our Office of Student Success has bolstered its operations.  Student academic support services remain in full operation. At this time, these include both in-person and virtual services. As you know the Student Success Office provides academic advising (please note that registration for summer and fall begins April 1st), tutoring, supplemental instruction, testing and retention services.  As the University remains open, we continue to have face-to-face services available, but we strongly encourage students, if at all possible, to engage in virtual interactions and communications with all University personnel.  Students should understand that the University is transitioning to mostly virtual services and may, at some point, discontinue in-person service. 

Additionally, our college and other academic offices remain open and staffed (in-person and virtually):

College of Arts and Sciences - Dean, Dr. Scott McKay

College of Business - Dean, Dr. Steve Beach

College of Education - Dean, Dr. Larry Daniel

College of Engineering - Dean, Dr. George Nnanna

College of Nursing - Dean, Dr. Donna Beuk

Graduate Studies  - Interim Dean, Dr. Ana Martinez-Catsam

Student Success Center - Dean, Student Success

Academic Advising - Director of Academic Advising, Dr. John Indiatsi

Registrar - Joe Sanders

Dual Credit - Director of Dual Credit, Dr. Lillian Porter

Dunagan Library -  Director, Dr. Sophia Kaane

Students with specific questions about their academic programs of study should contact their adviser, department chair, or respective Dean.

The Dunagan Library currently remains open to students, staff, and faculty who will be required to present a valid UTPB ID to enter the Library. The current Library hours are Monday through Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday to Sunday 12-7pm. In addition, most library resources and services may be accessed virtually here.

Graduate Students:  The Office of Graduate Studies remains fully operational. Like undergraduate courses, graduate courses have been converted to online classes, and graduate students can access their courses via the Canvas LMS. 

Graduate Assistants will continue to be paid until the end of the semester, and they are asked to contact their supervising professor for guidance and further instruction. 

Regarding theses defenses and submission, the Office of Graduate Studies and Graduate Program Heads will be developing plans to determine how defenses will be conducted and thesis submitted, but students should be assured that their graduation will not be impeded as long as students have completed their program requirements. 

Commencement—as was announced, the May Commencement ceremony has been postponed.  Students who have fulfilled all of their academic requirements for graduation will still “graduate” in May. If they wish, students who graduate in May will be able to participate in a subsequent commencement ceremony.

The Dual Credit office remains functional and UTPB STEM Academy will continue its operations virtually.

Finally, the COVID 19 pandemic has placed hardships on us all and has led to great uncertainty, but what is certain is the University is commitment to supporting you and not allowing this situation to adversely impact your academic goals.

Please let me know how my office may further assist you.

Warmest regards,

Dan Heimmermann, PhD

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs