El Interior, Frontera, y mas alla

El Interior, La Frontera, y Más Allá
Interior, Border, and Beyond. Politics between the U.S. and South America play an important role in the identities both internal and external of these artists living on both sides of the border.
Opening reception: Friday, August 29, 20087-9pm. Free and open to the public.
Each of these artists has a different relationship with the border between North and South. Some are influenced by the harsh landscape, others by the rich layers of cultural history, and a few by the obvious political tensions.
Nathan Orosco (sculpture) - Odessa, TX 
Rafael Ortega (painting) - Odessa, TX
George Lorio (sculpture) - Brownsville, TX
Paul Valadez (painting) - Edinburg, TX
Roberto Adan Saenz (ceramics) - Chihuahua Mexico
Raúl Sánchez Trillo (digital media) - Chihuahua Mexico
Magali Perez   (printmaking) - Chihuahua Mexico
José Lucero (painting) - Chihuahua Mexico
Patricia Marquez (painting) - Chihuahua Mexico


Paul Valdez 

Paul Valadez - Edinburg, TX

Adan Saenz       

Adan Saenz - Chihuahua, Mexico

Patricia Marquez

Patricia Marquez - Chihuahua, Mexico

Rafeal Ortega 

Rafael Ortega - Odessa, TX
Raul Sanchez Trillo
Raul Sanchez Trillo - Chihuahua, Mexico
Magali Perez
Magali Perez - Chihuahua, Mexico

Nathan Orosco 

Nathan Orosco - Odessa, TX

Jose Lucero

Jose Lucero - Chihuahua, Mexico
George Lorio
George Lorio - Brownsville, TX