Excerpts From the Nomad's Epic

September 29-November 3, 2006
Dan Askew: Excerpts from The Nomad's Epic
This UTPB faculty member will be showing his cast, fabricated, kinetic and robotic sculptures.
Opening reception: Friday September 29, 7-9 pm. open to the public.
These relics of a future past serve as record, memory, and foreshadowing of that penultimate quest: wandering fertile fields at the edge of the Construct, searching for a variable (more interrogative than rational value) that will solve the unfinished equation. Little is yet known of the organism-construction which made the discovery, but its eventual canonization is assured. But this meager collection offers only a sketchy portrait of that monumental evolution and even less of its culmination. Presented here you find: fossils and remains of the saint's derelict brothers, its fledgling predecessors, the empty husks that bore them into the void, a brief scrap of the final document, an idol for the quest, reliquaries from the passing, and the oracle which revealed the critical vector.
Dan Askew - Aero Ektar (detail)
Dan Askew - Airborn
Dan Askew - At the Edge of the Construct
Dan Askew - Ganglion
Dan Askew - Oracle
Dan Askew - Toddler Box (detail)
Installation View
Installation View